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By Tommy Maughan 13 Jun 2016

Taps cannot help with numbers from abroad or with spoofed numbers. what we really need is of com to be removed and a sensible regulator to replace it. with an election next year can make sure that anyone looking for your vote is made conscious.

By F Wolfgram 13 May 2016

Got a call from this amount on my cell phone.BR i did not response. went to express email and they hung upwards.

By Yvonne Lardizabal 29 Jan 2016

Appears as a missed call on my phone at work.

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    By Cindy Reasor 11 Feb 2016

    this number tries to get you to give them your address name and telephone amount and when you refuse they demand that you give it to them. afterward if you inquire to be removed from their call list they start to get offensive and affirm at you.BR i have had this amount phone me times within the past days and due to the offensive nature of the caller i have reported them to of com and the local police service for harassment the authorities are collecting evidence.BR do not answer this amount instead report them to of com.


    By Dania Trillet 07 Mar 2016

    poi again i told them to cease ringing me and they place the telephone down have now blocked


    By Vernon Fees 03 Feb 2016

    calling times a week attempting to contact another staff member. as soon as i try to get more advice they hang up. so much we have gone from them offering to help us with recruitment to wanting to deliver a letter from a bank and today it is a parcel being held inside Europe for this staff member


    By Alison Drougel 19 Feb 2016

    i dent understand around this amount i need to understand who call led me......


    By Linda Huebert 02 Jun 2016

    missed this call. hung up as i replied. tried to call it back twice each time it rang outside no answer


    By Jenell Waller 02 Mar 2016

    loan business you cant call back want pounds reputable before you get loan afterward you get loan with the pounds on top


    By Carolyn Swiderek 16 Jun 2016

    just ring and when replied they hang upwards what exactly are they playing at these kinds of calls need to be stopped


    By Jesse Gleckman 17 Apr 2016

    located this amount on my caller id.


    By Cheryl Hirschman 23 May 2016

    i answered the call to be inquired if i was Mrs despite being male and having a deep express i said i was not Mrs i was then asked if i was Mr . i explained i did not live within the house.BR when they called i told them i was a burglar that had busted into the house despite the fact i told them i was stealing all the electronic goods from this home they still desired minutes of my time sadly after the third time that i explained i was a burglar they hung up on me. i only dint know how i will live with myself now.BR perhaps its time that BTU as the wholesale suppliers in the UK should stop profiting from selling phones amp devices that block nuisance calls and prevent them at source. the telephone taste scheme lays in tatters as its not fit for goal any more. as i likely get more junk calls now than when i initially signed up


    By Erica Chen 09 Jun 2016

    there's no directory of cellular telephone numbers. it is pure chance within a web search. would you know someone called Cecilia if so you may be fortunate in your hunt.

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