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By Kelvin Easley 01 Apr 2016

What is this call

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    By Hazel Carmona 23 Apr 2016

    annoying guy keeps calling. when i tell him its a incorrect number tells me I'm lying


    By Sheena Trowbridge 25 Jun 2016



    By Darrell l Peplow 25 May 2016

    they telephone at any time of the day even upwards to . pm. these calls are from three who have clearly given details of our phone numbers to a third party when they called i did not reply but added them to my reject list. they have many numbers and here is a list of the ones i Hasbro BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR


    By Gregg Walter 23 Apr 2016

    hushed call received from this number.


    By Dulsy Henry 22 Feb 2016

    that number text ed me saying they got an accident and there on the way to the hospital. asking for a pesos load


    By jody lewis 09 Apr 2016

    i simply did on my cell phone but they asked for my parents...weird


    By Patty Tsosie 03 Apr 2016

    consumer lifestyle company asking if i want to make a will. i told her i already had one and afterward she inquired if i had a funeral strategy. i said i didn't need one so she thanked me and said goodbye. very polite woman and no pressure to buy anything.


    By Tocarra Bryant 28 Apr 2016

    keeps calling and hanging up


    By Elisabeth Ellis 12 Mar 2016

    they rang me or times. so i believed it was perhaps someone that i knew but who i hadn't saved their name. anyway i subsequently text the number asking who they was they began to forwards all my texts back to rampaged repeatedly telling me i was Lola


    By Athanasios Glekas 04 May 2016

    how is this calling to me pals answer me.qt

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