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By Steve Gersman 09 May 2016

I have needed the cash Pl u send me cash within my credit card am waiting Ur messenger

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    By Daniel Domena 23 Jun 2016

    call no message


    By Leonardo Ruelas 05 Mar 2016

    received a string of nuisance calls


    By Caroline Horbert 26 Jun 2016

    no message simply hangup.


    By Kathleen Semmerling 11 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Lydia Haiduk 29 Feb 2016

    get repeat remain ant automated prerecorded calls from this number about boilers and solar panels. pressing to speak to an advisor and asking them to stop results in them hanging up but not complying. happen rs to times per day most days


    By kathy landrith 11 Mar 2016

    this number is calling my house.


    By Tucker Ziegler 12 Jul 2016

    who call me


    By Karen Massamillo 18 Jan 2016

    hi i am going through a actually awful time becoming harassment calls it may happen all times day or night but this time they have forgotten to with held there number does anyone understand who this number belongs to please


    By GORDON GREEN 12 Jul 2016

    support publishing scams BR support publishing is a recognized duration used for businesses that manage the publication of a range of items such as desk diaries wall planners pamphlets magazines and novels. the items will be used to encourage a unique good cause. for example a diary might be prepared on benefit of a police sports foundation or a booklet might be released in support of child safety on crossings outside schools.BR BR the intention is for the publication to be circulated to schools and community centres inside such a manner as to raise public knowledge of the messages contained within such as child security safety at work or the good work a charity might be doing.BR BR of course the publishing business needs to be paid for supplying the publication and there are two ways of doing this. the first is for the charity or great cause to approach the publisher and commission the demanded item. they may order and pay for several thousand desk diaries to circulate around possibility donors. details of the charity and the work it is doing will be contained in the diary. this is no different from the marketing products that may be commissioned by commercial companies to raise consciousness of their brands.BR BR the second system for funding the publication is for the publisher to include commercial advertisements. an advertiser may be happy to fund an entry in a good cause booklet knowing that the public will link their name withe the good cause and inside doing so raise the commercial knowledge of their brand. within theory it would be a good process of promotion.BR BR there's nothing further to mention concerning the first system of funding. nevertheless the second system is broad open to maltreatment by con merchants who see this as an easy manner to solicit money from the millions of usually small businesses near the state who find it quite challenging to say no when asked to support a great cause locally while at the same time gaining precious advertising exposure.BR BR to exemplify the support publishing practice that has grown upwards inside the UK around recent years consider the case of McPherson publishing small and Cavendish publishing small. the names have been altered but signify very actual companies that were trading fraudulently. these support publishing companies have been well reported within the press following what was apparently the greatest number of complaints to trading standards offices around the UK ever received for one business. they were the same business one simply placing upward and taking over when the regulatory heat became overly much for the other. both companies have now been shut down by the authorities. inside fact there were other forerunner companies and there are currently subsequent companies still running all were managed by the same folks and utilized the same staff outside of the same offices.BR BR the business produced quarterly magazines aimed at off responsibility authorities ambulance and fire service personnel. the publication contained a few articles of general interest recipes and puzzles together with about advertisements for local companies. each magazine was produced on a regional basis with the same content but with paid advertisements from companies inside each area.BR BR advertisements through regions four times a year at an typical price of per entry gives a potential yearly revenue of when you consider that each advertiser received a copy of the magazine and a few hundred were distributed between a dozen or so police stations and ambulance centres just around magazines were printed each year.BR BR each magazine price around to print and post outside. this leaves most of the million to pay the dozen or so telesales staff near commission and the remainder the lions share going to the directors running the company.BR BR the company worked because the sales team were self employed on commission and used various devious means to hook the clients whose names were simply extracted from telephone directories and local papers. most folks dint enjoy to say no when inquired to support good causes particularly if names of charitable causes are used as a hook. the first phone call would spin the narrative of widely distributed publications s within your region and thus solicit a real commercial interest. the second call generally just minutes after the first would be recorded and would exclude any detail of the untrue promises. it would only support some of the victims details. the customer was commonly left somewhat bemused believing that they would make a closing determination when they received their advertisement duplicate for approval. yet what they would receive was an invoice with the just choice for cancelling being the payment of a charger BR a large percentage of small businesses will pay such an invoice not wishing to enter into any dispute. those that knew their consumer rights a small better were more likely to bin the first payment demand or return it with a letter saying they did not wish to go ahead with the advertisement. but the support publisher has a strategy for raising the percentage of targets who pay from the first or so to near or even by a sequence of demanding letters and telephone calls robust en ought to shake the conclude of even the resolute casualty. in the illustration the company even passed the unpaid bills over to another debt collecting business that it had set upward itself to give the illusion of escalating seriousness within the matter. they even resorted to door cease group techniques and a video of the threatening behaviour of one particularly awful instance was caught on the victims cellular telephone phone and aired on BBC watchdog within BR BR that this is a fraud there is no doubt. nevertheless it is a trouble that is quite challenging to cope with. the approaches used by the support publishers create it harder and harder to close them down with sanctions being fairly lenient to date manager disqualification etc. it is likely that the fraud action could be a better course if it was potential to get the police economic crime units to take an interest. the trouble is they're very often unwittingly caught supporting these really cons themselves by agreeing to take nominal quantities of the publications which they just see as being freebies.BR BR the telesales operators inside the business pay no tax. when investigating this particular support publisher i had a whistle blower contact me to say that all the staff used aliases and most were drawing supplementary benefit as well as earning per bearer BR so we've tax fraud advantage fraud misrepresentation act offences telecommunications action offences info protection action offences and fraud action offences plus the business action offences that i was investigating.BR BR i tried to organize a meeting with senior tax representatives from Homeric to enlighten them of the scale of the tax evasion not only in the few companies that i investigated but concerning the business as a entire but the feedback was that they considered the problem one that they could not cope with. the message was that they would have to wait until legislation changed.BR BR eventually a high court order was obtained to close the companies down. when the official receiver went in to the company the next day he found that the bank accounts had been stripped. within a few days the business was back up running under a different name from the same rented premises.BR BR support publishing is a recognized trouble for the authorities who continue to close these companies down only to have them reopen after under different names. some open as partnerships or only traders having cottoned on to the fact that companies investigations division will not investigate them subsequently. the police are improbable to have the time and so if the perpetrators may make sure the complaints to trading standards are kept to a minimal by not pursuing debts too rigorously they will continue for the foreseeable future to keep trading below the readable BR by mark Jenner forensic accountant and fraud investigation expert. you may keep up to date with his investigators diary blog.BR BR taken from a .mark Jenner. a .mark Jenner.com support publishing scams BR his blog a .fraud advice.co.Akbar BR a .activity fraud.police.UK to report attempted and genuine fraud


    By Ann Guarneri 28 Apr 2016


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