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By Terri Etelagi 09 Feb 2016

Called my unpublished house amount.

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    By Super Sayain 01 Apr 2016

    ID who calling me


    By Deanna Denver 06 Jul 2016

    received a text specifically stating my name around making a will. did not reply as i dint understand how they got my name or mobile number.


    By Paschon Pruitt 23 Jun 2016

    miss call


    By Keirstan Jackson 17 Jun 2016

    they only named me.


    By JOSALYN WEST 02 Jun 2016

    the caller did not leave a message.


    By Sung Choe 21 Jun 2016

    unusual message referring to a bank transfer with a bank i dint even have an account with. worried as i have my phone amount listed with a local paper to sell a large item. i think a scummier has got a hold of my number


    By Briana Marsh 17 Mar 2016

    named by with caller id not accessible. i answered but there was only quiet.BR this is typical of a robot probing to see what time of day a telephone is replied by someone.BR jerks. i wish i could call them to interrupt whatever they re doing and subsequently not identify myself.


    By jerry hubbard 27 Mar 2016

    missed the call


    By Esther Oyesile 26 Jun 2016

    who does this amount belong Twp


    By Joni Mullock 11 Jul 2016

    not sure what this is about...but its about the Th time its rung...attempted to call back but it says amount is not recognized...any information greatly appreciated...

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