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By Ernie Warner 24 Jun 2016

Get BTU guardian. I've had it for two years and its brilliant. no unavailable numbers. no withheld numbers and no international numbers and i can block or display who ever i want.

By Randy Perales 10 Jan 2016

Got a text additionally regarding a delivery time didn't order anything Ware t is this

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    By Destro Yase 04 May 2016

    merely had a call Indian emphasis said he was British talcum and that they were going to switch away my internet for months due to faults on my PC and the server. i am not with BTU so dismay bells rung in my own head at once. nevertheless he said i could sort outside the trouble and prevent this if i followed a place of easy directions. i was subsequently passed onto a senior technician a female with an Indian accent at which point i hung upwards having been aware it was a scam all along. don't be taken within by these sort of scam calls.


    By Adrian Jean 13 May 2016

    i got a text Msgr cal me urgent plebe wt


    By Jewel Braswell 03 May 2016

    the caller left no message.


    By Randy Watterson 20 Feb 2016

    did not reply.


    By E Prochazka 23 Feb 2016

    did not leave a message.


    By Sherry Wiscovich 27 Jun 2016



    By Candace Kerniskey 26 Mar 2016

    called this morning.


    By Cortez Walker 10 Jun 2016

    has called me times inside just weeks. they keep calling me around my electricity account when tell the Indian telemarketer that i do not have a electricity account with them he tells me that he is going to call me back again. i told him that they have already call me times and to quit calling me but the Indian telemarketer started to claim with me rising his express and said exactly why you don't desire to transform to our electricity business they're annoying and never stop interrupting my concentration. FL with Tolstoy and pick us for allowing those terrorists to keep calling me here on my phone times now with today telephone call. those mother fakers don't even show their telephone number they keep it private and will not give me their company telephone number to make a complain to their poofter manager to quit ca ling me. my head is so angry i want to run my truck indoors their faking electricity business so their faking phones does not work no more. maybe i should do what Hilary Clinton the former secretary of the united states is doing i should call her to tell her allies AL Aida that are fighting within Assyria with the help of the USA to go to the electricity business that the Indian works for and blow it up and bring down their faking building so those annoying mom fakers quit calling me


    By gloria graham 23 Jun 2016

    got a missed call on my cellular telephone from this number but when i rang back merely a long beep.


    By Karen Broussard 04 Apr 2016

    this is not a UK amount and my phone is place to block international calls yet they still got through. looks they have found a way around it

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