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By Cubano 14 Apr 2017


By Daniel Lengacher 04 Jan 2016

Getting calls no one on the line

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    By Linda Yaley 12 Mar 2016

    may u tell me who this is


    By Brooke Pooch 25 Feb 2016

    received calls now from this amount. they did not leave a message.


    By Rick Wilhelm 16 Jun 2016

    no tel lain Cm


    By Teri Flanagan 15 May 2016

    this automated call around heating boiler upgrade is scam the number cannot be replied to contacted quite problematic as this amount phones acreage line every day


    By Lawrence Shiver 12 Jul 2016

    benefits fraud surveillance operative callers number three days after you will have another caller call you as you details to give you some sort of cheap bonus advantage for gas electrical etc a sales call asking your date of birth asking your name asking your address asking you identification advice. once i have got this international join a GP's to your cellular telephone phone and then they will follow you for the rest of your life. these folks will post those builders. roofing contractors within a blue van for them. talking among st ourselves. i met upward with one of inside a java store. i overheard them saying here he is that one of them. i went along with it obviously they have me on mistaken identity of this is the info of the telephone number i hope that i have saved somebody some serious trouble god bless and keep safe and be conscious of strangers.


    By Nancie Luciano 09 May 2016

    lying cheating scamming company cold named me trying to get my private details from me block them and dint speak to them report them to your phone supplier.


    By Geum Sung 22 Apr 2016

    has rung every day did not reply because i did not recognize number Orange the number today but merely got buzzing noise


    By Theresa M vandeweghe 18 May 2016

    just Skype bag the guy himself they have no record of them calling you ..... you sure it was ms and not a scoutmaster call them back on phloem to confirm


    By David Wojcik 28 May 2016

    said they were from phone taste service. asked if i was becoming any nuisance calls. said yes from people claiming your computer had broken. said they would cease these. asked for confirmation of telephone amount and address. then inquired do you still pay your telephone bill by direct debit i then said i didn't need to give this info afterward they began asking exactly why as they we rent asking for details. i said if they were actually from phone presence service they wouldn't be so rude


    By Bethany Denton 16 Feb 2016

    i got the call from woman claiming that she is doing survey about the communal experience and to improvise it for better expertise. she inquired me all private questions.where i am dwelling..etc...when i called to this number.no one decided the call..i need to understand.do i need to report to police.or its a market research call..

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