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By Jeremiah Salas 14 Jan 2016

Annoying leaving messages around bloody poi

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    By Brian Ischnurr 20 May 2016

    aged mother decided upwards phone and was told she had a bundle waiting and she should collect it neither she nor i have ordered anything


    By Jennfer Parker 22 Apr 2016

    received a call from this amount.. hung up as soon as i answered. tried to call back with holding my number and it sounded like an international ring tone... odd.... no answer.


    By Emil Lavallie 06 May 2016

    got a call from this number. when i answered it just gave me a ringing tone as if i was the one who named them


    By Lisa mae Holcombe 02 May 2016

    he fake that he is my husband


    By Williams Watts 21 Jun 2016

    somebody tr yin take my to work tomorrow he does not inquire about id card or insurance amount he docent ask my inquire my about if i am registered his name its Andes from Poland


    By Ian Mackler 08 May 2016

    does anyone know who calls from this phone number.


    By Tonya Stacey 11 Jul 2016

    is look again catalogue. customer services line.BR BR pence per minute


    By Heli Romero 25 Jun 2016



    By lovelyof2333 yahoo.com Tammy 16 Apr 2016

    this one rang my Skype telephone number . and was ignored as a probable pest.BR plenty of feedback other sites overly saying it's an Asian scummier so it is now permanently blocked.


    By Leandre Young 27 Feb 2016

    merely had a call asking for our handling director who happens to be my husband Alan. eve brown is the lady that named fairly aggressive inside her mode and inside fact put the telephone down on me whilst i was speaking i would not put her through to Alan. by all accounts Alan did speak with her last week by chance he answered the telephone at that time he was not at all interested in golf he doesn't play golf and couldn't attention less but obviously this did not deter young eve as shes been on again now. I've managed to ring her back clever old bird that i am and if shes reading this afterward as I have said this morning to her we're not interested do not ring us again and i will report her for nuisance calls thank you

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