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By Linda Metelko 05 May 2016

This call was from your vehicle consultants. they ring regular. their select out system doesn't work so you cannot cease the calls. ambulance chasers. prevent.

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    By Rhea Custodio 02 Apr 2016

    call to my cell telephone. no message left.


    By Christopher Grott 26 Mar 2016

    what a ignorant remark jenny did it not occur to you this site is called wholesome for a reason not everyone wants to dabble within vague uncertainty especially when becoming unwanted phone calls from unknown numbers. looks like you have a lot of experience inside not knowing anything so dint add useless remarks if you do not have the responses.


    By Gary Chiles 14 Mar 2016

    i received a call from this amount. a man was on the other finish and inquired my name. when i said yes. who is calling the call dropped. i blocked this number but still not quite sure who it's.


    By Ruby Delgadillo 31 May 2016

    it missed call me amp when i attempted to ring the number it says number is incorrect.. sounds st ranged to me.. it appears within my log call as miss call meaning it actually calls me.. if you could give an response hows that possible..


    By Burris Howell 05 Apr 2016

    i got several calls from this number and never answered. no one located outside who it is


    By Willard R. Binning Jr. 25 May 2016

    named me on my cellphone. no message left.


    By Tina Killgrove 20 Mar 2016

    merely submitted a message about tel no this was a dodgy call from Beth from mumps services. she named on residence amount tonight advising she wanted an informal chat around the services and products of mumps. i found this odd as I have never been contacted by mumps this manner before. when i confirmed who i was Beth advised she needed to support some details for data protection. when i asked how i could be sure she was from mumps she was really nice well spoken and polite. Beth continuously reassured me that she understood exactly why i would be cautious inside to days climate. when i asked how she would affirm my details she offered so id say you live inside xx road and you give me the house amount. i work in retail and this is never something id say to support information protection Beth reassured me and even supplied me with a number to call back with her extent ion so someone could reassure me she works within that department. amount supplied Beth's extent ion . i reported it to the authorities and mumps.


    By Minute Eight 03 Jun 2016

    i got a missed call from this number.. i dint know if it's internet routed or simply a straightforward prank call or fraud call but i keep receiving missed calls or total length calls from unknown international numbers like this.


    By Alayla Abernathy 20 May 2016

    the caller did not leave a message.


    By Katie Ashcraft 23 Apr 2016

    there is a rental company of that Nebr BR box clever.BR technology houseboy anthill roadbed Bradbury Mk Q.BR BR telephoner BR BR nothing shows upward for the number.BR BR it is a legal requirement that a letter from a company must show their registered office address and company registration number. is there anything recognizable as such on that letter

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