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By Ray Dier 11 Jul 2016

U understand this number

By Atha Tunnell 21 Jun 2016

Received call on property line Best but unable to answer as on cell went to AFN but neglected to leave message oddly couple Min's earlier additionally recd but blocked by telephone only shows as missed call .... I'm not one for coincidences

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    By Margaret leslie Chiplis 18 Jun 2016

    we've gotten calls from this number out of Washington d.c. and its certainly listed as scam fraud on white pages and they ll try to use distinct numbers but its all the same scam caller. were on the don't call list.


    By Yumi Tetreault 24 Feb 2016



    By Mike Hagerman 08 Mar 2016

    this amount is a spammer. wants to get private info from you. do not response this telephone number.


    By F Traube 31 May 2016



    By Melissa Guardado 19 Jun 2016

    thanks for the tips.i too had a call from this amount .Mr. vi jay asked for the account number n said to submit to get lake.i then named him back n he told its the number of Bangalore n all.we too said to him his number had many whine but he ignored n said KIA Rene Dixie agar AP nah chaste to n cuts the line.i believe they are all fraud.pals Indians forwards this message as much as u may to help our citizen.


    By Desmond Mabry 02 Jul 2016

    who the hell is calling ME and messaging ME inside desire to understand that unknown identity


    By Benton Wood 22 Jun 2016

    answered it and heard a call centre inside the foundation. after a few more seconds heard a couple of men speaking to each other in some Asian sounding language. no one responded when i said hello a couple of times.


    By William Zagr 26 Jan 2016



    By Sharron Diggles 15 Mar 2016

    i got the call as well i was sleeping so it was a short dialogue something about binary making money on the net she told me that i had shown interest but I'm sure that i ha vent so i believe that it's a scam.


    By Feves Blake 31 Jan 2016


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