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By Casey Plaisance 11 Apr 2016

I have had calls from this amount on my mobile all the calls were on Sunday and Monday at the price of i ha vent got a hint who it is.

By Deborah Migoski 27 Feb 2016

Sarah named from apparent child security campaign stating that we agreed a donation and were looking to invoice them.BR BR entire scam quite pushy please dint idiot for these Muppet's.BR BR do you actually report these numbers

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    By Holly Cuellar 25 May 2016

    got my ND text inside days from cobra BR reported both to BR BR reported this last one to the icon.


    By Hopson Tom 01 Jun 2016

    anyone understand how to call this number back or how finest to report as a scam


    By Debra Slaikeu 17 May 2016

    phone call now from sounded like calling from a drain.


    By Geoff Rembetsy-brown 09 May 2016

    had a call from now said they were capital join calling on benefit of Barclay's. afterward the woman inquired me for personal details for security reasons before telling me what the yd called around. i refused said i wasn't interested and that if i needed anything id call them.


    By David Gramenz 28 May 2016

    i receive a call from this number.at ha nap nay sister KO.Myron DA uniting n item nag kaput KO that's exactly why he wants to get the account amount.para DE mandala nag thing.lo ls Ina SA la hat Ala Newman Indianan Na mag cahoot Arno item nag apatite oat piano nay mailman nag amount KO at actual name nag apatite KO. Sana Mali nag gangway nag blasting Na to.


    By Eva judita Santiago 07 Jan 2016

    this was a call from an accident helpline. this and other similar organizations are trying to get me to use them to promise compo for a auto injury i had months ago and which has been settled months ago. they're a nuisance


    By Kimbelry Bush 30 Apr 2016

    prominent coop energy bill even though i have a closing statement and refund of for over payment


    By lawrence lawrence 02 May 2016

    only called and when i answered they hung up will this not be stopped.


    By Maribeth Mournighan 18 Mar 2016

    just got a call


    By BRENDA BUNCH 23 Apr 2016

    shape per nah DPT call no ma cam Ni...BR Kali outgun no DOA merman tack cutup ma cam no bias..

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