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By Susan ellen Whitehead 04 Jul 2016

Didn't answer it most likely a scam

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    By Stacie Chandler 15 Apr 2016

    any ideas who calls from this number


    By WENDY HAMBLEN 25 Apr 2016

    parasite noun .BR an organism which lives within or on another organism its host and benefits by deriving nutrients at the others expense.BR BR it's you that is a parasite as you are relying on others to feed.


    By Sandi Pilcher 17 May 2016

    this is a auto break down company


    By Craig Farnham 08 Jun 2016

    genuine fraud discovery from stander.BR BR i had a call from this number. they inquired my to affirm the day and month of my birth from a list of alternatives and asked me what my year of arrival was and to confirm that i was the cardholder they didn't inquire for any account numbers. they gave me a list of transactions and inquired if any were fraudulent. they were someone had been using my details and had attempted to bargain over .BR BR after the call i go ogled the amount and came here. i got stressed and named stander on the number from their website they confirmed all the details.


    By William Moomey 23 Jun 2016

    just chatted with the company and she confirmed that this was their phone amount. she said my phone amount was attached to an account they have. what a load of rubbish.... i have never had an account with them. more cold calling


    By Gayle Herbsman 02 Feb 2016

    hi i simply got a scam spam Sims from a so named Mr tony saying that i have to email .com within order to locate outside the way to assert the UK cellular telephone attract if any of you receive this text be warned that it's scam spam and nothing else so don't do what they Sabre by the way i live within Australia and am with define.


    By Omar Pino 25 Feb 2016

    when i response they hang upward.


    By Anniebell Mccoy 19 Jun 2016



    By C r Mcbride jr 11 Feb 2016

    named work hung upwards as soon as call answered.


    By Fred Keys 07 Apr 2016

    missed call

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