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By Enrique Suero 06 Jul 2016

I have no notion who this is. i have had countless scams but i dint consider this is one. it is worrying when i find unknown numbers commonly and have no idea who or what it's about

By Kyle Wrolstad 03 Jan 2016

May no monthly call Salisbury .. .. Hecate chair

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    By Kathi Ienni 17 Apr 2016

    got a call from this amount. when he said survey i hung upwards. i am on the do not call register..BR purported to be a survey for Victorian i overly am sick of being called by all these scams. certainly someone inside authority could can something around these annoyances


    By careerpath.com 26 May 2016

    this is so irritating need my balance now..


    By Jeanette Tipton 21 Feb 2016

    have just received a call from this amount individual knew my name and she said she was doing a survey on energy efficacy inside your dwelling told her it was a private number and if she rang again would be reported. she put the phone down but i didn't and she decided it back upwards to call another individual and i could hear a man amp a woman talking within the foundation and their language was unbelievable and even the girl on the other end of the phone joined inside. it sounded enjoy it was an English speaking call centre exactly why dint these low life's get a suitable occupation.


    By Mariquette Lee 17 Jun 2016

    no the cash is mine now.


    By Tami Huffman 03 Mar 2016

    accident claims company


    By Joseph Geran 08 Jul 2016



    By Michael Odekirk 19 Feb 2016

    the caller did not leave a message.


    By Mactavish Alexander 02 Jun 2016

    really poor of you people having uncorking amount on your website


    By Paul Mazzarella 19 Jun 2016

    abusive message


    By Ryan Harrison 14 Apr 2016

    phone calls with no one on line when picked up.

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