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By Seran Revim John Fitzgerald 21 May 2016

Quire saber DE quine es Easterner favor

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    By shanaynay_23 hotmail.com Shannon 30 May 2016

    your active number has NW you USDA amp BMW auto t assert .to via email .com


    By David Glancy 14 May 2016

    Glasgow's finest pedophile ring and fraud business previous due credit solutions pd cs. simply watch watchdog from may to locate out more around this vile business and its manager and what he does to children.


    By Angie Welp 27 Mar 2016

    snobbery Jon


    By Crissy Mountian 01 May 2016

    named without mentioning his name letting me know around a imagined parcel i should receive


    By Crin Berek 28 May 2016

    i have been charged for ca ling this amount and dint know what it is


    By Rachel Audet 17 May 2016

    i keep becoming calls from this amount.


    By Scott Ikier 03 May 2016

    just had a call Indian accent said he was British talcum and that they were going to switch off my net for months due to faults on my PC and the server. i am not with BTU so alarm bells rung in my head at once. yet he said i could sort out the trouble and prevent this if i followed a set of easy instructions. i was subsequently passed onto a senior tech a female with an Indian accent at which point i hung up having been conscious it was a scam all along. do not be taken in by these sort of scam calls.


    By Rebekah Blackman 01 Jun 2016

    pique me Mandy mensches


    By Kenneth Kluyber 06 Jul 2016

    die wail welcome...Batu leaps call sure clear Kan Huang...


    By Svein Christian 07 Jul 2016

    calls all the time.

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