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By Jorden Box 24 Mar 2016

I have contacted watchdog about Thimbu they attempted to scam me out of my cash as well they said they work for Google

By Inci Akidil 06 Mar 2016

Got a call from this amount it went unanswered and after reading these opinions will now be blocked.

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    By Doris Frank 28 Jun 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Felicien Goliatha 22 May 2016

    got dead atmosphere.


    By Mrs Michaels 05 Apr 2016

    report them to the info commissioners office for harassment of an aged lady. if they ring back tell them what you have done and that as they have called again after being asked to stop you Will report them again. inside the meantime it might be worth getting your mum a call blocker or call blocking telephone somewhat she only gets calls from people sh we wants to hear from.


    By Taifa Stephenson 29 Jun 2016

    some scummier i actually got previous automated message for replacement boilers amp when said i was interested in a new boiler they hung up. i dint what they're upward to but automobile message is simply a front.BR BR i would adore to understand who owns this company as i am more than willing to sue for harassment. id like to name amp shame these useless parasites.


    By Clarissa Sorgen 08 Feb 2016

    got my bank statement this company took over ponds outside of my account. don't have a clue who they're and how they manage to get cash outside my bank


    By Atha God 02 Jun 2016

    didn't response. what sort of tel amount is


    By Adam Seibel 21 Apr 2016

    selling loft insulation based on claiming to have preceding records of give given some years ago.


    By Jess Tommt 16 Mar 2016

    i got missed call from this number i tried to call backed many times but no one responses. i am wondering WHO's calling me.


    By Andrea Landreth 24 Jan 2016

    only got a called by him repeatedly and had one inside the previous he swearers at me after i say pizza hut delivery saying would you have f pizza and telling me to go myself


    By Nicole Gerjets 12 Jan 2016

    Ester cellular presentment pertinence a UN guardian DE hombre Pierre Renault quine presentment es UN Sukkot pellagra's.

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