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By Kelvin Nash 23 Mar 2016

The caller left no message.

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    By Erin Conyngham 14 Jan 2016

    simply called my name and disconnected the line. i am suspicious around the caller.


    By Anjeanette Brim 28 Jun 2016

    who was that calling me.


    By grayln wimberly 22 May 2016

    didn't answer


    By Jason Woodland 03 Jun 2016

    simply now received a call from the amount i dint understand what they need to can. who are they


    By Joseph Cutrufello 17 Jun 2016

    this is a business called attention international who i give to every month. they are calling to inquire if you will hint upwards to gift help. they are not asking for further donations.


    By Erik Wills 20 Mar 2016

    could someone help me with Hasbro OK so someone with a clear Indian or similar emphasis who named himself Gavin Parker from Microsoft inc. within California called me and said that my computer was being hacked for my private information and that he could help me get rid of it if i only go begin my computer.BR first of all i live within Sweden why wouldn't they have named from among the Microsoft centers a bit closer why would they call all the manner from the USA to tell me this he also said it wasn't a huge deal but kept insisting that i go begin my computer even when i said i wasn't at residence at the moment. he asked if he should call back within half an hour so i could begin my computer subsequently. i said no and that if i ever would the earliest i could get to it would be inside about hours about noon around there and then he said he would call around am tomorrow my time which would be around midnight or the wee hours around there. what big business cannot call during the day unless they re vampires or some other lurking sorts...BR BR he knew my first and last name but the thing that worries me is that if there was such a problem that would likely start by sending an email about it.BR BR please help Nebr .


    By Rick Schibig 11 May 2016

    caller to cellular telephone hung up before i answered


    By Lesley Allison 16 Jan 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this telephone number


    By LEE MARIJA 11 Jun 2016

    Indian call centre with the you've had a recent injury chat line. call blocker gave him brief shrift.


    By TERITA STEVENSON 18 Jan 2016

    a friendly proud Kenmore customer service asking to speed their service level.

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