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By Antonette Puleo 30 May 2016

I just got a call from this amount to my cell phone.

By Kat Feenz 06 May 2016


By Liz Hevener 22 Mar 2016

Received a call from this number from tom the convention of mayors office for our owner he is the new director for stimulus growth under Christine hill. whoever these individuals are. they would not give me a contact number because it's a national office and they cant give those s out or complete name. he said he would call back Monday.

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    By Susannah Mitchell 19 Feb 2016

    they called my work amount and left no message. i have never had contact with this business before nor am i diabetic.


    By Zakk Rogers 07 Jul 2016

    who are these people Mara


    By Megan Cappiello 13 Apr 2016

    got a phone call from this number. no voice message left.


    By Lou Natal 20 Jun 2016

    need to know





    By Dariusz Florianczyk 19 Jun 2016

    does anybody else becoming calls from this phone number


    By Ginnette Lolli 16 Mar 2016

    poi guy stupid accent. named me a minute past. rude waste of time


    By Wesley Mcgaha 29 Jun 2016

    when i replied nobody replied.


    By Romy Del rosario 04 Jul 2016

    Libra BR i had a call from am cs and their call operative was Joe claiming that he had called a few months ago. he spoke i said nothing though he kept speaking and weirdly answering his own questions for me. he ended his script by saying that they had this astonishing promotion that i could have a web site free of charge the only matter i had to pay for was the registration and domain. but before i could say anything i was place through to his supervisor but she was no manager she was the competitive closer.BR BR so she passionately aggressively gave me the deal about how good this website would be for the business and how amazing this offer was the just thing i needed to would was pay vat. her name was Kerry.BR BR i had a few questions what's the find Kerry there's no catch and why are you questioning somebody giving you something for nothing.BR BR i inquired who pays for the design of the web site Kerry the boss i asked who pays the manager Kerry getting all competitive you are missing the point this is a life altering offer.BR BR i said i was within sales for around years challenging sales no body gives anything for nothing either ill be paying for it in a month or but either manner ill be paying for it.BR BR she then got more wound upwards because i said the business was joint run by my wife and i. she subsequently said would your wife ask if she wanted to purchase a pair of shoes or handbag i said i dint see how this has anything to do with my company but when there are decisions to be made affecting outgoings we both have input signal. she laughed BR anyway the dialogue went on for Min's i was never going to perpetrate around the telephone. what a group of sharks BR dint give any money to these guys if they cant admiration your replies they dint deserve your money.


    By Andrea Bowers 11 May 2016

    only keeps calling and doesn't response when i answer my phone

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