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By Antonette Puleo 30 May 2016

I just got a call from this amount to my cell phone.

By Kat Feenz 06 May 2016


By Liz Hevener 22 Mar 2016

Received a call from this number from tom the convention of mayors office for our owner he is the new director for stimulus growth under Christine hill. whoever these individuals are. they would not give me a contact number because it's a national office and they cant give those s out or complete name. he said he would call back Monday.

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    By Christy Hegel 14 Apr 2016

    hi sad customer this is Harriet and unlike you i am joyful overly put my name on this website. if you have a problem with me subsequently i suggest you call me at my office and quit hiding behind the miserable customer banner. you are obviously some sort of prick to compose this sort of stuff on a site.


    By sarkis l 14 Mar 2016

    called my cellular telephone telephone.


    By Corry Truss 14 Jan 2016

    someone named me from this number. said that i had downloaded something on my computer and needed me to get on my computer. he had a thick accent. i hung upwards and added them to my reject list. he called me again from a number as well.


    By daisy lebron 27 May 2016

    left no message on machine.


    By Teresa Beemer 09 Apr 2016

    the guy named Owen n said he need to come around my office.....xxx......BR will i report to bank Niagara and macabre i already told them that I am going to kapok this morning....


    By Ang Rous 16 May 2016

    dear beneficiary BR this is to formally notify you that your email is brief listed Buber the fundamental bank compensation award committee setup to compensate Thebes tremendous losses of the victims of the net scam fraud you are algebra warned to disengage from future pursuit of unlearned transaction.BR BR nevertheless your compensation payment value at us.m has Nebr accredited inside your favor all that is demanded of you is to Redeemer your funds is to contact the payment officer with the official fee AFB us being for obligation stamp online account registration.BR BR you could go to the web website link a .find cash.coma kind inbred your names to know if your name has been updated into our info baser if not contact us as shortly as potential through this email BR swift..com BR BR you are hereby guidance to re confirm the below advice once again to the payment policeman for further proceedings next line of activity.BR BR . total Nebr . dwelling addressable . direct private cell number . a copy of any identification . your occupation.BR BR below is the payment policeman detail name Dr. Fine Joseph wannabe e mail e mail swift..comber direct number BR BR yours trilby BR Mrs Victoria longbow secretary settlement award committee


    By Kenneth Dreiling 29 May 2016

    i received the following message now on my attempt wireless telephone.BR BR reattempt account services MSG please answer with your digit wireless account billing zip code. thank you for choosing attempt.BR BR not at all certain i named the man who sold me my phone who additionally happens to be my best pal of the last twelve years. he had never heard of attempt sending out a text message enjoy this.BR BR i subsequently called customer service and the lady i spoke to there swears that if attempt sends a text message it appears within your account notes. she told me it was likely a good thought to pay no focus to those text messages.BR BR it sounds to me enjoy a scam and i would tremendously recommend not giving these people your zip code. they already have your telephone number with a phone number and a zip code they re horrible close to stealing your identity.


    By Adonte Mcdaniel 19 Jun 2016

    scummier don't give this Jason Conner any money.. he is now blocked from my telephone.. he is a waste of my time...


    By Liana Kelly 24 Jan 2016

    the caller left no message.


    By Margarita Prentice 26 Jun 2016

    did not reply.

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