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By Linda r Als 03 Apr 2016

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By Christina Kaser 20 Feb 2016

Repeated calls from this amount.

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    By Cheryl Bodenus 12 Jul 2016



    By Ney Garcia 23 Mar 2016

    repeated calls


    By jose pe 09 Feb 2016

    yeah had a chilly call followed by a visit from Roy


    By Jon Sher 04 May 2016

    I am striving to find out who named from this number.


    By Lucinda Hebblethwaite 14 Feb 2016

    my e email id no SGML.com


    By Thomas Beck Iii 26 Apr 2016

    just got called from this number to our land line. the caller said she was from the telephone taste service and was an Indian girl who was hard to understand and seem to be calling from long manner away. she inquired me if we were still becoming nuisance calls and said she could guarantee that i would have no nuisance calls for life but i just needed to answer a few simple questions and assess on details. she knew my husbands name address and that we paid for our telephone bill by direct debit. she desired to check the last few numbers of my debit card and as i didn't have it with me i just said yes. she knew that it was due to expire soon.BR i asked if she could give me her telephone amount so that i could ring her back and told her that i suspected that this was a scam as there was no need for her to understand about my bank details nor debit card. at this point she began shouting at me and this continued for some time until the phone went dead.BR BR i reported the phone call to action fraud by ringing .BR BR BTU has leaked our info it seems that nowadays we only gets nuisance calls on our acreage line i would have a mobile telephone which i tend to use all the time. its typical that when you get a nuisance call you re within the middle of something really significant but i assume that's why its named a nuisance call its also really time consuming as i felt obligation bound to report this inside the expect that somebody else wont get scanned.


    By Desiree Mayer 10 May 2016



    By Alexa Castro 25 Jun 2016

    i agree. this is a scam call. i have reported it to police.


    By marj fogelman 09 Jul 2016

    your amazon parcels will be collected now by DOD between . to cancel transform date feel canceler Nebr Jan


    By Jonathan Chadwick 01 Jun 2016

    who is this

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