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By Linda r Als 03 Apr 2016

Play the sympathy card

By Christina Kaser 20 Feb 2016

Repeated calls from this amount.

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    By Delores Fosque 08 Jul 2016

    dangerous people. don't trust a word they say


    By Sally Valderrama 18 Apr 2016

    keeps calling my amount.


    By Kevin d a Crenshaw 11 Feb 2016

    somebody calling around a pension saying there has been an around payment and afterward begin asking if it's a personal or work pension scheme. i


    By Daniel Schonhardt 29 Jun 2016

    missed call from this amount...


    By Rob Player 07 Apr 2016

    calling us clearly using an old directory listing as we have been ex directory for a number of years demanding tips about a neighbour


    By Deonna Erickson 12 Jan 2016

    this amount keeps ringing but i cant return the call


    By Verna Oloane 12 Mar 2016

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    By floyd hill 05 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount. any thought who it could be


    By Heather Zeilsdorff 15 May 2016

    recorded message about claiming poi


    By Scott Pizziconi 01 Jul 2016

    called my cell phone.

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