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By C Dryja 28 May 2016

An albeit polite woman from albacore advice. telling me id had an injury that wasn't my fault. i said i hadn't to which she politely said shell take me off her list. annoying as i never get these and had a second one just half an hour formerly.

By Rocky Napish 29 Jan 2016

Wouldn't tell me name of company or there name was really abusive to my wife told her to go FL herself. refused to give any tips was demanding payment for something i don't have do not answer

By Harstad Kristina 01 Jan 2016

Just called and did not pick upwards. this isn't a valid UK number and is undoubtedly from a scam merchant.BR BR so far looks no entries here so could not say if this scam has only began. be warned

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    By Lauren avia Cuervo 09 Jul 2016

    the number called me at work.


    By Adele Patrizio 09 Mar 2016

    got a call with no message left.


    By Marc Eber 24 Apr 2016



    By EVETTE GONZALEZ 09 Jul 2016

    automated call with express telling me i could be entitled to a free boiler... the difficulty is that ours is a business number not national.


    By Chad Luneke 10 May 2016

    i need to understand its details


    By Tiffany Harrold 30 May 2016

    i did not reply it.


    By JLOHN TRAVOLTA 09 Jun 2016

    called me last night.


    By Harold Hall 19 Apr 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. no message left.


    By Bertha Brownson 13 May 2016

    however again certainly this imbecile must understand hes blocked sorely tempted to unplug blocker handset and have a giggle. nelsons column very fine regiment


    By Ramachandra Dasari 06 Mar 2016

    received call on

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