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By rebekah leah jaso 21 Jan 2016

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    By lane terre 05 May 2016

    unwanted time waster


    By Corrine Butler 30 Jun 2016

    calling repeatedly


    By Dan Zoelzer 29 Jun 2016

    named my mobile telephone.


    By Sandy Roach 15 Mar 2016

    good pal called to catch up


    By Edelman Paul 26 Jan 2016

    and but searches enjoy Keith Scotland BR this is what i found outside around these calibre BR the national communications commission FCC is warning property line and wireless consumers around scampers who are calling from what seem to be national phone numbers. the FCC has recently learned that an old long space phone scam that leads consumers to incur high charges on their phone bills may now affect wireless consumers. within the previous consumers have been fooled into making expensive international calls by scam artists who leave messages on consumers answering machines or their email accounts. the messages advocate consumers to call a amount with an or some other area code to gather a prize locate outside around a sick comparative or participate within sex discuss.BR BR wireless consumers are now receiving similar calls from telephone numbers with three digit place codes that appear to be national but are actually correlated with international pay per call phone numbers. while wireless companies are working to block dubious numbers on their networks some consumers may become victims of this scam.BR BR hint use a reverse phone look upwards service to help identify a caller you are unfamiliar with before you return a telephone call. for example attempt a ..coma.BR BR the scam works something enjoy Hasbro your wireless telephone rings once or twice and then disconnects the call. when the amount appears in your wireless phone log as a missed call it appears to be a typical domestic telephone amount beginning with a region code or you get an email or express email on your residential wired phone telling you to call a telephone amount with an or some other three digit international place code.BR when you return the call you suppose you are making a domestic long space call as and other area codes included within this scam appear to be typical three digit u.s. place codes.BR when you dial the three digit place code plus the number nevertheless you are connected to a phone number outside the united states generally inside Canada or the Caribbean and are charged expensive international call rates and may be charged for pay per call services as well. inside this case goes to the Turks and cacaos goes to the Dominican republic goes to the British virgin islands and goes to Jamaica.BR you dint find out around the higher international call rates until you receive your phone bill.BR what you will would to minimize the hazard of this happening to yob check any unfamiliar place codes before returning calls.BR be conscious that there are many digit area codes largely inside the Caribbean that join callers to international telephone numbers.BR if you don't otherwise create international calls inquire your local or wireless telephone company to block outgoing international calls on your line.


    By Alethia Lewis 19 Mar 2016

    call claimed problems with my computer


    By Les Nordhagen 04 Jan 2016

    i reply they hang upwards.


    By George Lui 14 Jun 2016

    named several times within day. automated call asking you to press any digit to continue. didn't enjoy doing this so called the bank to en quire. stander confirmed that this is their number from the fraud team so it was not a scam number.


    By Kay Lasyone 31 May 2016

    only got a call from this amount no one there


    By E Labaze 07 May 2016

    call center

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