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By P Do 31 May 2016

This initially started within the USA where calls to their numbers did cost upward to per minute it has now been exaggerated into thousands of dollars by individuals that circulate these frightening emails only to cause panic and alarm. BR BR inside the UK calls to are charged at the normal speed is the place code for county down in northern Ireland . there are no numbers that you can dial from the UK that start either or as those special codes ha vent been released but even if they were afterward would be a free call and would be p p minute.

By Edgar Fischer 26 May 2016

Striving to see who call from this number

By Micki Puthoff 29 Jan 2016

My old mother within law has had a BTU bill just this alone who are they BR BR type regards

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    By A Bevers 13 Feb 2016



    By veronica reese 09 Jan 2016



    By Becky Raff 04 Apr 2016

    had a minor traffic injury a year and a half past and did not pursue an harm claim this company called me at work and i said i was not interested within making a promise but they are still calling me just dint reply any calls from them.


    By David Valacer 28 Jun 2016

    the person who called you is xenon rad don who works for us at VI's international recruitment. we say we are ck recruitment when we ring your house to bargain your staff but also to help locate you nurses as our real name VI's. yes peter Percy is the owner amp he said suck his nuts you poor nursing home .


    By Anne Durning 17 Apr 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this phone number


    By DOREEN FLEMING 29 Mar 2016

    forgotten cell number


    By Grant Taylor sportsman 25 May 2016

    i response they hang up.


    By Janice Mottern 24 Apr 2016

    stop calling


    By Erin Healey 11 Jul 2016



    By Alan Kent 02 Jun 2016

    if someone cold called you and you gave them remote access to your computer afterward there may well be a join on. Te computer virus scam has been running for years. they prey on folks with Little or no computer knowledge especially the aged by telling them that they have a fault or a virus on their computer. sometimes they promise to be from or on behalf of Microsoft.that is a lie as neither Microsoft nor its partners would ever phone the individuals who can phone know nothing about the computer. they don't understand the IPA address or the USP or even what variation if any of windows you are running. if you give them remote accessibility they install Malawi to bargain private tips enjoy bank details and passwords. sometimes they ask for cash to fix the faults which dint exist but that's only after they have got accessibility. if you pay them subsequently that is a bonus to them. is the dial ling code for Malaysia. get your computer checked out locally and contact your bank if you can on line banking to warn them. if you purchase on line subsequently contact the folks you cope with and inquire them to check your account. after you have had you computer assessed outside then change all your passwords.. if you have another computer or access to one you can transform all your passwords now but dint can it on the computer which has been compromised until after it's checked as these people will only read the new tips.

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