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By James Darga 12 Jan 2016


By marino44211 gmail.com Kris 06 Jan 2016

Got dead atmosphere.

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    By Jeanne Granfield 29 May 2016

    whoever it's has give me calls all together


    By Janett Mills 24 May 2016

    i am having repeated calls from have not named them back and have read other callers having a difficulty with this number will i get the name of the individual or company


    By Bryant Perry jr. 03 Apr 2016



    By David Yolton 26 May 2016

    annoying me


    By Vivian Rhym 23 Jun 2016

    sigh sigh sigh sigh Lowell Hampton reddish please please please quit being so f.u.c.k.i.n.g. stupider BR we know who you Arab BR we know your tricks BR we understand that you are ignorant as hellebore BR we understand not to give you any info when you call BR BR we know that your so named threats dint mean anything as the debt you pursuit have been written away by the banks credit cards so they dint give a tosser BR we know you brought these debts for really inexpensive consequently you writing letters offering discounts BR we know that of the debts you chase are stated barred i.e. more than six years old with no payment or acknowledgement made so you have no ground to pursuit these debts BR we understand you take different numbers to try and take us for fools BR BR BR BR BR BR BR stop it only quit it you bunch of c.u.n.t.s.BR BR this isn't the s folks may find info about you and their rights when dealing with you via Google.


    By danny clark 17 May 2016

    who called me


    By Contricka Moore 08 Apr 2016

    you re not alone i also got a ignorant text from about am about springtime penny stocks.


    By Paul Frickey 11 Jul 2016

    no message left.


    By Valarie Vermersch 12 Jul 2016

    this is click spares ltd. they provide reserve parts for level pack furniture and other retail products.


    By Joann Brisse 24 May 2016

    i merely need to know the owner of the number

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