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By Brian butler Waller 13 May 2016

This amount keeps calling but i dint know who it is so hence i wont reply it. if anyone knows who it is i would love to know.

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    By Griselda Thompson 26 Apr 2016

    called twice. first time had inaccurate details asked for my details to be removed. hours later named again. denied that they had called before. got really abusive when i asked for business details so that i could report them for abuses of info protection. time to report them to of com and the info commissioner.BR BR this is a business of ambulance chasers and have now been added to the don't answer list. i desire to see how many more times they call so that they may bury themselves


    By Mike Pullen 11 Jun 2016

    couldn't comprehend the man to begin off asked for someone a ND time told him incorrect number. no allowing to him right number. ask again who was he calling for repeated something couldn't comprehend.BR BR finally said he was calling about my residence PC. told him i didn't own a computer. no I'm incorrect he says. no you are erroneous i do not own a computer. he hung up.BR BR blocked the number.BR BR how dumb would these folks think we really are


    By Fred Viloria 21 May 2016

    telephone rings when you say hello caller hangs up no idea who it's


    By Cheri Forbes 12 May 2016

    prank calls


    By Murodjon Urmonov 19 Jun 2016

    many calls from a lot of different couturiers


    By Kathleen Buzard 22 May 2016

    I have been getting a lot of miss calls from this number every morning when I'm at work amp its pissing me right off... it will be pleasant if they left a message or something so ill know who named but they didn't... the peculiar thing is they called on my new number amp i ha vent given my new number out to anyone amp i mean no one... so please leave me alone


    By Donald Yachera 14 Feb 2016

    they ring frequently from many distinct numbers generally with Indian emphasis. it's a scam do not give them any details. i usually leave them hanging on for a long time and them impolitely tell them to go away


    By Ruthie Teegarden 14 May 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Monique Corbin 03 Jul 2016

    i received a lot of calls from this amount. this number is calling to my fax.BR BR if someone knows what exactly is this please response me.BR BR thank you.


    By Robert Plasko 15 Mar 2016

    recorded message from poi parasites dint annoyance answering

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