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By Demarcus Payne 11 Feb 2016

I simply received a call from this amount now and the caller with a peculiar accent said that shes from the cancer council amp that they were selling lottery tickets to help fund cancer research....is this legit or a scam

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    By Pam Andrew 27 Jun 2016

    cold named this am by a guy named Matt if that's his actual name subsequently call me Abdul regarding recovery of monthly bank acct charges and how excitedly happy i would be when i got all my money back. phishing for info how considerably i pay which among these banks am i with etc my customary response that's my business and nothing to do with you he was persistent but eventually got the message and hung up.


    By Mardi Skinner 25 Jun 2016

    named me on my cellphone. no message left.


    By N aomi Apollonio 14 May 2016

    who called this number


    By Barbara Capri 30 Jan 2016

    i keep becoming missed calls from Edinburgh BR according the the dipsos website which lists as their amount BR if we've called you and you wish to prevent any further calls please email telephonists Maori.com providing your contact phone number. disinfect we absolutely guarantee that our don't call database will not be disclosed to any third party nor will it be used for any other goal and includes only phone numbers and no other details whatsoever. BR BR yet occasionally i don't head providing tips to actual survey companies within the interests of improving the service provided by whoever they are calling on behalf of oops preposition at the finish bad form. sorry. should it be whomsoever who knows.BR


    By Maria Ramrez 04 Feb 2016

    this amount calls about times a day it's to stop


    By Carie Keiper 18 Mar 2016

    calls now and yesterday. pensioner on crutches and quite fed upwards been talk discuss customer for years. exactly why dint they would something about this it cant be good for business


    By Gertrude Stephenson 10 Jun 2016

    rang times inside less than Min's no message left and constantly busy when you call back any ideas who this amount belongs to


    By Jarrell Nelson 25 May 2016

    got a telephone call. no message left.


    By Anthony Fidanza 06 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount for a few times. no one spoke. wish to assess the owner of this telephone number


    By Elizabeth Iwaszko 13 Jun 2016

    called several times tried to call back but number not recognized

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