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By Davida Sanchez 12 Jul 2016

Calls at least every other day.

By Paul G sudbrock 20 Feb 2016

Continuous calls today from this company they wont say who they are but are Nebr calling every minutes. so much for having a private phone number

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    By Linda Mckissack 28 May 2016

    no answer


    By Raymond Mazalewski 16 Jun 2016



    By Lisa A Jacob 22 Mar 2016

    injury helpline and delayed flight compensation.


    By Tavares Woodley 13 Jul 2016

    this amount named me i called it back from another amount i dint enjoy arbitrary calls BR it was castle hampers. BR i have never signed up with them nor explored the possibility of Xmas hampers so presuming they were merely trying to flog it to me to get more business.


    By Nickolas Litteral 18 May 2016

    shows abbr t Simmons jewellery Cambridge roadbed elderberry Hampshire would be very interesting if that store turned out to be recently closed. there's a design of of numbers appearing on this newsgroup inside complaints very soon after the premises were vacated. it almost seems as if nuisance callers learn about such numbers amazingly fast. now who would tell them


    By Champ Briggz 26 Jan 2016

    many thanks ex three customer above i have been plagued by various .... numbers and having looked at your list i would love to add some cerebra


    By Sabrina Soucie 24 Apr 2016

    caller says they need to give me I've inquired them to remove me from the call list times.. this time the girl said i cant faking remove you i yelled back dint you curse at me b h dint call here again and hung up


    By lourdes lebron 18 Apr 2016

    keep getting calls but i dint response numbers i dint recognize. quite annoying


    By Brandon Dellapenna 03 May 2016

    Ester numeric es ta defrauded tartan DE scatter Eli numeric DE Target Como obtaining DAT's Te es tan Chicano y pi den numerous telephonic cellulars nun ca he Dido creditors


    By Chrstopher Inman 27 Jun 2016

    who call me

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