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By Steven Blackwell 14 Jul 2016

Thanks ken . phone looks rather so far Dobro maybe annoying houses of Parliament with calls on divert did trick . i additionally contacted Skype yesterday seems to have done trick. no calls so far

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    By John Fiorilla 21 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By dana hebert 29 Mar 2016

    did not answer.


    By Rita Suits 25 Mar 2016



    By Danny Kozma 26 Jun 2016



    By Christie Strait 03 Jul 2016

    initially outside bump i inquired for a quote.BR the minute the woman phoned me upward she was unbelievably pushy and wouldn't let me get a word within.BR this instantaneously made me block her numbers .BR its a shame as before she called i did desire a quote.BR i feel sorry for old people who are at the other finish of these calls.BR sadly for crystal I am not old and dint fuss with pushy people.BR i have had quotes since for my windows and doors to be replaced.BR all the folks had manners and listened to me.BR if anyone ever needed windows i would tell them to steer clear from this bunch.BR luckily for technology i may block withheld numbers and i have a land lines that's a answer machine that goes on straight away...


    By Hfjfjhdsfhsd Hajfhjfhj 14 Jul 2016

    named Saturday nighttime unexpected accent i said twice who are you and could not make out what he said so i put phone down


    By Joni Enos 05 Jul 2016

    scam call allegedly emanating from Eco business within bod min


    By Marilyn Hardeman 01 Mar 2016

    too long to be a genuine UK number.


    By June Bathory 02 Jul 2016

    any time calling me from this amount who is this stupid


    By Andrew Geers 18 May 2016

    i get them normally reply once but nothing. i dint response anymore. tried to block it but cant. is the most recent one.

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