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By Steven Blackwell 14 Jul 2016

Thanks ken . phone looks rather so far Dobro maybe annoying houses of Parliament with calls on divert did trick . i additionally contacted Skype yesterday seems to have done trick. no calls so far

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    By Brad Thornell 09 Feb 2016

    they knew what year Honda i have and said they work directly with Honda for warranty work. i named my local dealer and they said i am not the first person to call and ask around this bogus company


    By Leon Walsh 04 May 2016

    received a call on my cell.


    By Billl Christmas 04 Jul 2016

    very poor... they steel credit....BR block immediately from your network


    By Kira Locy 14 Mar 2016

    say you filled inside a survey on a flight recently inquire you to confirm a few questions tell you that you have won a night accommodation within Florida terrify southern Spain or turkey afterward inquire you to attend a function at their office in regents street London.....after that you will get your accommodation tickets...... maybe some kind of time share...BR but sounds to be a scam of some kind to me


    By Mike Storhaug 25 Apr 2016

    i wonder who is calling to me wish to know may anyone help Nebr thanks fife


    By Julio c. Caycedo 07 Jun 2016

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    By Brian Mellen 16 Jun 2016

    penguin amount telephone uni searing Kali munging sorta Monacan says sacra Lisa.. says inside gin tau shape milk number telephone terse but


    By Michelle Sillitoe 02 Jun 2016

    stalking for information about husband


    By Erna m. Pidwerbecki 01 Jun 2016

    we received a call from this number yesterday.


    By Pete Sokolowski 11 Jul 2016

    i am becoming so many cal particularly from California dint this California's have anything better to do than annoy folks within another state Tell them to get a life

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