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By Jeffery Carrano 12 Jul 2016

Missed call


Weekly call since January . this week it became a today call. my answering machine will decide up calls after four rings. this man hung upward after three rings every time. caller id is unknown name. since i am not from Modesto or understand anyone there i will continue to let my answering machine screen take messages.

By Daina Gowan 27 Feb 2016

Same with me too

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    By linda starr 26 Jun 2016

    times since Monday morning this is becoming beyond the joke now replied once to be told i had to affirm some private details before they would proceed i said that you named me so what was the reason they would not carry on until i confirmed my details got nasty and slammed telephone down on me. what a bunch of juveniles these people are. discuss around great people skills


    By Rebecca Fogleman 12 Jun 2016

    received call from . no one on telephone


    By Karla Cecilia 20 Apr 2016

    hi.... i have been offered an interview at a business that calls themselves NR which is based in the new north house in bentwood. i have been told its a business who saves individuals money on their energy bills can u no if this is the same company only a distinct name


    By Rick Mcgowan 12 Jul 2016

    the man is stalking me sending pictures where i was at hospital


    By Pauline Davis 29 May 2016

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    By carolyn bolinger 22 Jun 2016

    inlay missed cal times


    By Jennifer Chesmore 25 Apr 2016

    selling trading accounts


    By Christy Boltenhouse 13 Jun 2016

    didn't reply it. they left no message.


    By Elizabeth Zabbo 02 Apr 2016

    its AL fut aim Toyota showroom amount located at sheikh bayed.


    By Keopadith Aphaivong 29 Jun 2016

    named my house times in a row. I am incredibly upset and i desire to understand who it is and why they felt the need to call that many times. that was unnecessary and quite frankly exceptionally rude.

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