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By Dainis Kiusals 04 Jul 2016

Identified via recorded message female themselves as FBI regional office in Denver testing an crisis message. if i understood the message press if i didn't understand the message press . i pressed and the message said thank you and they hung up.

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    By Sharon Threet 18 Feb 2016

    thank you


    By Summer Goldie 31 May 2016

    this amount keeps calling me


    By Isabel Zelaya 30 Jun 2016

    they say they aren't selling insurance its free we merely need to activate it. i think i heard they re MSG if not mistaken.


    By Jan Sengers 23 Apr 2016

    Jeff these individuals aren't scum they are striving to make a legitimate residing. if it was prohibited i assure you considering there UK based would of already been based not only that this business is entirely regulated by the icon and adhere to all icon greatest practice guidelines. you need to find something else better to can with your time...


    By Niles Biboux 12 May 2016

    had a few calls from this number how is it


    By Bebe Laso 08 May 2016

    who owns this number


    By Tom Crumley 12 May 2016

    this is a authentic Loyd's tbs number trust me it was simple for me to work out as i denture bank with them.i checked out on Google if the above number was genuine yes it was then named them.BR spoke to an advisor and they have since taken me away that persons customer database.they say that if abbr customer gives the erroneous mobile or house number then unfortunately component but not all of someones accountable details will be forwarded to your mobile.BR anyway dint stress if you ain't got a Loyd's tbs account and more importantly ending in that account amount afterward nothing can happen to you so chill outside... simply ask them to remove your number.BR i did and since subsequently no trouble.


    By Cece Rojas 05 Feb 2016

    no one spoke.


    By Joshua Hornbeck 12 Jun 2016

    need to be called again on


    By Annette Dingle 30 Apr 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.

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