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By Mindi Ratner 04 Apr 2016

Just wondering who is calling

By Guillaume Pailloux 05 Jan 2016

Got the text message last nighttime from but it was only s and symbols . not sure what it's but kinda weird.

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    By Yukeun Min 12 Jun 2016

    i have never replied the call but have been persistently pestered at unsociable hours to my annoyance.


    By Jenn Adams 20 May 2016

    who phone amount is this


    By Sulana Sim 10 Jun 2016

    some fiscal survey people


    By Ken Elam 27 Apr 2016

    can you need poi can you need poi would you need poi Chinese Accenture BR i said can you desire a clout in the mouth and they rang away.


    By Jake Gregoire 07 Feb 2016

    the amount you estimate is one digit overly long to be valid inside the UK even inside Glasgow. the telephone system might be doing its finest and truncating it instead than using the whole number. you could check that by asking the total amount at Glasgow and seeing what has been dropped.


    By Chris Van gundy 20 Jun 2016

    got a call twice cant return it


    By Elsie M. Stewart 18 Jun 2016

    phi semiconscious for my credit card details. don't answer.


    By Eulalia Coles 21 Mar 2016

    appears as a missed call on my phone at work.


    By Sarah A stephen 16 May 2016

    if that's headquarters of enterprise a business that want to be professionals they should hire an Augustinian so you may comprehend what they are saying. because i couldn't get a word from the background noise.


    By Dixie opperman Dixie 26 May 2016

    keep becoming calls from but as i dint understand the amount i refuse to response.

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