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By Elisha Powell 05 Mar 2016

Replied this call a few days past fine enough guy on the end of the telephone attempting to sell me new cellular telephone telephone business contract says they're similar to auto phone warehouse in that they cope with all the cellular telephone telephone providers. cant remember the name of the business he said he was from.

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    By Phyllis Beamon 16 May 2016



    By Mary l. Jones 17 Apr 2016

    anyone else getting calls from this phone number


    By jennifer wanek 27 Jun 2016

    named my twice quiet both times. the u tube clip says the school helps young people into digital knowledge. i am around and have worked inside computing for years so exactly why would they ring me.BR clearly a hijacked number and nothing to can with the school


    By Joyce Matherne 09 Jul 2016

    desire to know y i keep becoming these calls


    By Marsha Younce 10 Jun 2016

    caller said they were calling from AM's really weak line and i was active with the children. told her to call back after this evening. however after reading remarks have now blocked the number


    By James Sparling 28 Mar 2016

    got a call from . was unable to attend the call. would like to understand who had called


    By Rick Tugya 09 May 2016

    anybody becoming calls from this number


    By DAN LOOK 08 Jul 2016

    he rebid varies lambadas DECed Eli numeric graders me tell en a quine pertness Garcia's


    By Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 04 Jun 2016



    By Mcclelland Troost 08 Mar 2016

    recorded spiel to replace boiler

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