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By Dannette Mackie 29 Jun 2016

Don caster p a k i s likely or GPO scum

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    By Bebe Asstoto 05 May 2016



    By Ohmar Gandy 23 Jun 2016

    did not leave a voice message.


    By Judy Harczak 17 May 2016

    pretending to be my dad and ruining my life


    By Ej Maldonado 12 Jun 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Dorothy Priddy 15 Jan 2016

    what nation used this number.


    By Felix Umanzor 30 May 2016

    i kept getting calls telling me to press to talk to an representative. when i eventually did this to try to create them stop calling the agent said my name and then her side disconnected i had to phone back and was greeted by an idiot who claimed that all he could tell me before i confirmed my information protection details was that they were called adv antis. i inquired the nature of their business and he said that he couldn't tell me what their business did even though the that the recording from when i phoned in said they were a credit bureau i told him that the nature of the company was not contained under info protection laws and that it was nothing i could not locate outside on Google. he stated that is your prerogative and confirmed that a record could divulge more advice around the company for whom he works than he could i have demanded a call back from a manager who will hopefully have a better understanding of the dopa and because i understand that i have no overdue bills this is a entire Farsi i manage a call centre and we would never inquire anyone to support dopa without telling them the nature of our business and letting them make the organization of why were phoning them before requesting their private details. furthermore we would never phone from a dodgy looking mobile amount unbelievable...


    By Efrain Taveras 11 Jun 2016

    foreign woman called asking for a Mrs couldn't tell who she said but it certainly wasn't my surname. told her i think shed got the erroneous number and place the telephone down. suppose it was some sales pitch. i still get these kind of calls even though I am registered with the phone taste service.


    By Don Christison 23 Apr 2016

    from UK phone tips BR BR BR geographic insurgent BR section codes within range geographic Numbers warning numbers beginning are probably not valid.BR of tel records show that numbers starting are protected from allocation. where numbering ability has been withdrawn from service the block or code is sterilized for a span typically years. alternatively the of tel numbering unit might protect ability for a small period to prevent dial ling malfunctions into similar codes.


    By howard s williams 14 Jun 2016

    this number calls repeal regular at different times. never replies or leaves message. annoying. never says who they are..


    By Olga Kabanava 25 Mar 2016

    named me on my cellphone. no message left.

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