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By wendy werth 16 May 2016

Call this day from guy with thick Asian emphasis claiming to have great news from sky TV. could i support my name and postcode which i only ignored. was skeptical but told him if he really was from sky subsequently to send me an email or put something inside the post. needless to say he hung up and having go ogled the number it was clearly some sort of phishing scam.

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    By Audrey Rinehart 21 Mar 2016

    I've had around from this amount on my cellular telephone the last four numbers change slightly but all begin


    By Val Shepherd 11 Jun 2016

    no answer


    By Eliott Coleman 09 May 2016

    they only called me.


    By Linda Norfleet 28 Jun 2016

    this number keeps calling its annoying


    By valacia lewis 10 Apr 2016

    ten go Ina lambada perfidy DE ESE numeric.


    By Natasha Weil 04 Jul 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By Larry Almond jr 13 Mar 2016

    hung up on my answering machine.


    By Chas Jorgenson 15 Feb 2016

    have had several calls from this amount but after saying hello several times amp them saying hello to me they hang upward but need to know who they are amp where they are from because they make me feel suspect of them.


    By Courtney Schubert 31 May 2016

    not sure who this is but must be spam picked upwards and no reply. annoying


    By Gruia Valentin 28 Apr 2016

    the brief variant BR at . this morning i called my associate on his Orange mobile from my BTU property line call was intercepted by a message asking me to call . i called it. it was some unnamed company not connected to BTU or Orange who had no company with either me or my partner. BTU say it's a scam.BR BR the long version i did not create a mistake on the number. my partner does not have an answerphone on this line having inquired orange to remove it many years past. thus calls to him that do not join be that through faults or lack of indicate battery are played a posh celebrity saying the person you are calling isn't available please attempt after for a few repetitions and then cut away. if his line is engaged i hear an engaged tone. there are no other options. BR BR the company has somehow diverted a call possibly from an exchange to their recorded message saying there was a fault with the number i am calling please call . i did recognize as the prefix for directory en quires services but momentarily believed it must have other uses too as i reasonably supposed that since the message was not an Orange message it must be a BTU message. fearing there might be a issue with my bill i rang it immediately.BR BR a female with a midlands northern British emphasis answered. no company name was given and no details of billing or prices. she replied hello and i asked what type of business was this i had got through to. she said it was a directory en quires service and that there was a fault on the line of the man i had named but that if i gave the amount or the name of the man i was striving to join to they could locate it for me. i refused stating i don't need a directory en quires service to join to my associate of several years. i asked how they had got accessibility to my call she re iterated that there was a fault on the line. i said i disbelieved this as faults produce a stock Orange message and not this message. i inquired for the company name i was not given it. i said this was disgusting and likely a scam she said i had a choice to call. i said i did not have a choice to call they have intercepted my outgoing call and prevented me speaking to my partner the father of my children and i was furious. she told me to quit arguing and give her the amount i needed to be connected to. i said i would not this was incorrect and i demand to be allowed ordinary use of my phone line instantaneously. she said well you re paying for it and i ended the call with not when i get of com involved i am not. the call took minutes and seconds. BR BR i afterward tried my partner again which connected. his phone had not rung within the preceding hour and he had no record of any missed calls not even diverted ones. i afterward named and spoke to BTU who investigated and found no fault on my line. later when he leaves work my associate will do the same with orange. BR BR BTU have told me that this is a scam. they have advised that if i get another message i do not call it instead i call BTU again and report it again. i propose anyone with any telephone service supplier would the same. BR BR i am additionally around to submit this to of com i suggest everyone else who is forced to call this scam business does the same. please see HTTP.pineapples.org.UK an agency of of com for how to make a criticism.

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