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By Aundrey Lucas 18 Feb 2016

Merely rang named my name an hung up

By Shanterra Reed 06 Feb 2016

Nuisance calls.....not interested quite annoying

By Janet Makee 07 Jan 2016

Collectors for Capote

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    By Andrelyn Alexander 12 May 2016

    calls upwards to five times a day merely delete nuisance should not be a loud


    By Collin Lai 07 May 2016

    need the name of caller


    By Anibal Giron 05 Mar 2016



    By Waltera Sayers 25 May 2016

    i got a call from this number . i am staying inside Doha and got the call at Doha time BR i tried to take the phone but it got cut and named back just some music can there be


    By Gem Bring 28 Feb 2016

    this telephone number is fraud do not reply you cant even look them up


    By De Wolfshorndl 14 May 2016

    i had a call from this number .BR said they were booking in department for making appointments to have my drive Valhalla auto repaired .BR as i have a Valhalla auto and needs repairing i listened then i asked questions re my car fix etc .BR to my surprise he actually told me nature of repair and that component had been ordered an it as arrived so what he told me is was same as i anticipated.BR so on my experience this was a authentic caller


    By Patty Engan 01 Feb 2016

    who phoned


    By Dell Weible 19 Mar 2016

    i have been getting calls from this amount.


    By Colin Gettings 08 Apr 2016

    they are striving to scam the folks.i have a missed call from this amount.i think they're expecting me to call back so they could charge me a high rate per minute


    By Pattie Bowers 04 Jul 2016

    when i replied nobody was there.

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