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By Corinne Awebner 23 May 2016

Not sure if this is correct number but the invoice came from the address tagged to this amount. beware its a scam. the man was fairly insistent and a bit rude. kept pushing for mothers maiden name for invoice which we wont be paying. they purport to be schools drug aware campaign.BR the business could be legit and being used for apparent Bonn Fidel credentials. if so they need to do something around it. there are loads of companies at this address. suspicious.

By Jonathan Wierzbicki 09 May 2016

Never called this and find I'm charged...who might it be

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    By Anthony Johansen 04 Jul 2016

    prank calls


    By Brian Peterlin 14 Feb 2016

    i now just say thanks for calling we have those within stock within big and little sizes. the pink ones are outside of stock this week sorry. we've a specific offer on the black ones though two for the price of three. i will put you through to the order section please hold.BR BR works a treat with all chilly callers now.


    By Dolores Ketelsen 26 May 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By Jack Gonyo 26 Apr 2016

    called me twice within days


    By Dawn Duprey 19 Mar 2016

    i want to know who call


    By Jacy Horton 05 Jul 2016

    Eco advice team named now. she hung up when i began asking questions. fine.BR BR what is the trouble with this website i couldn't access it for ages and I have reported the trouble and got no result. these are a selection of the mistake messages i got. please undo the improvements you made it was better before BR website is offline BR no cached variation of this page is accessible.BR BR error ray id identifiable a timeout occurred BR mistake ray id Accra web server is returning an unknown Ebro BR blunder ray id elderberry link timed outre BR service unavailable BR subsequently eventually i got Hasbro BR accessibility Deandre your request has been blocked by the octet HTTP blocker.BR BR wt there are other sites to report these numbers to. BR BR HTTP mistake . the service is unavailable


    By Lynne Christensen 27 Jun 2016

    any clues


    By JANET MURRAY 03 Apr 2016

    the say that i registered within .they charge me euros per message and messages per week. how can i stop this the message is from and gives this amount .


    By Hazel Neely 20 Jan 2016

    rang several times without leaving a message. eventually recognized it was Alford royal HS trite carrying out a patient survey.


    By Kenton d Rexford 11 Jul 2016

    simply want to understand who ts calling

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