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By Corinne Awebner 23 May 2016

Not sure if this is correct number but the invoice came from the address tagged to this amount. beware its a scam. the man was fairly insistent and a bit rude. kept pushing for mothers maiden name for invoice which we wont be paying. they purport to be schools drug aware campaign.BR the business could be legit and being used for apparent Bonn Fidel credentials. if so they need to do something around it. there are loads of companies at this address. suspicious.

By Jonathan Wierzbicki 09 May 2016

Never called this and find I'm charged...who might it be

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    By Deborah Brandow 29 Apr 2016

    so this India man calls ask for Charles sorry incorrect number he says we have a Microsoft report on the computer at this address the owner name may be a mistake. now of a things i could have said i ask hey between you and me. how considerably curry powder would you have to throw on your wife's snatch to kill the smell. lets only say the dialogue went downhill from there.......


    By Gerrell Houston 29 May 2016

    called my unpublished home number.


    By Peggy Mullaney 03 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Meifeng Yan 03 Jul 2016

    message said calling to say IRS is suing you etc. i did not take the call.


    By Nola Hujo 27 Apr 2016

    same thing here. BR BR do you find the amount comes up as Freemason on my iPhone... BR BR same Yahoo ref and premium helpline amount within the Sims


    By Holly Kleinowski 30 Jun 2016

    this number calls quiet pause for a couple of seconds before being cut away.BR call back number and it just goes direct into a on hold type music.


    By Gloria Megem 26 May 2016

    had several calls from this amount. dint response it it goes to answering machine no message


    By Harry Graetz 26 May 2016

    missed the call


    By Kevin Mantey 10 Mar 2016

    it rang no message must be spam


    By Colleen Irvin 06 Feb 2016

    i am ninth somebody is calling this number.now i am within Qatar so my amount is inside international roaming please call this number

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