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By Corinne Awebner 23 May 2016

Not sure if this is correct number but the invoice came from the address tagged to this amount. beware its a scam. the man was fairly insistent and a bit rude. kept pushing for mothers maiden name for invoice which we wont be paying. they purport to be schools drug aware campaign.BR the business could be legit and being used for apparent Bonn Fidel credentials. if so they need to do something around it. there are loads of companies at this address. suspicious.

By Jonathan Wierzbicki 09 May 2016

Never called this and find I'm charged...who might it be

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    By Hugh Carlen 01 Jun 2016

    short one ring call at pm Greenwich .. the grafter from sierra Leon hoping that you call back dint would this


    By Tiffney Maynard 19 Jun 2016

    called and hung upwards with no message.


    By Peg Pulver 14 Jun 2016

    a man asked me to contribute around euro to reddish cross snuggled aitch for renovation of their building. BR he wanted me to give a fast yes to his request so that he may book it from my account. i told him to compose me an email with the bank account but he said that they dint compose emails. he gave me the bank name and the account number. the bank is bank fr social waitstaff within nested and the account number is....... i dint understand why i cant contribute the money directly to the reddish cross account so i am not sure if this is a fake phone call.


    By Jamie b Colasacco 11 Mar 2016

    trying to find outside who owns this number.


    By Della Sullivan 27 Feb 2016



    By Francine Weinberg 17 May 2016

    they called my cell.


    By Manace Infante 30 May 2016

    what is mobile number inside the name.


    By Anne Pike 14 Jun 2016

    could it be a scam


    By John David hogge 16 Feb 2016

    annoying guy keeps calling. when i tell him its a erroneous number tells me I am lying


    By Dave Michno 06 Jul 2016

    three times this company claiming they were from Microsoft calling me. very rude man with Indian emphasis he could not comprehend that i would not talk to him. he was pressing and pressing and when i told him i knew it was fake and i have Google the number he calls from he hang upward. very irritating.

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