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By William Roback 29 Mar 2016


By Justin Amodio 11 Mar 2016

I had someone from Microsoft call me from this number and scammed me some money from my present account. beware please and hang up on this people because Microsoft dint call you unless if you call them yourself.

By steve paper 01 Jan 2016

Anyone know who this is caller id says dist of Columbia.

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    By M Klise 18 May 2016

    Indian call centre had a car injury within the last months scam hung upwards.


    By MONICA KAO 31 Jan 2016

    me Mazarin


    By Margie Ludlum 25 Jun 2016

    got voice mail messages stating the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. . i was then instructed to call this number for more information. i didn't call because I am a CPA and i know the IRS would notify me by email if there was an dilemma.


    By Maddalena Cunningham 19 Apr 2016

    however another automated call offering poi services. number now zapped


    By Danelle Brazier 15 Mar 2016

    never never never use Europa. this is Europa harassing for mileage on a hire car. they call and demand to know how many miles you've driven since the last call a few days earlier. enjoy somehow you have a live camera place up to see your dashboard while its in the milt storey and you are going around your day. prevent Europa. first day of hire they deliver auto at pm afterward telephone at am next day before I have even used it to say hire span is around and they want it back. next morning they telephone at demanding auto back again. so way with this hire they've turned up unannounced times to seize the car for no reason. its been paid weeks inside advance by the organization that's arranged this hire as a courtesy auto while my mot ability car gets repaired. they've debited and illegally from my account. luckily i was expecting it and caught them inside time. they've forced me to swap the car and even turned up unannounced to try to get me to swap a Valhalla auto for a transit van. the vehicles have all been filthy and damaged. this present auto has not been repaired since it was inside an injury and one rear light is still loose and hanging away the bumper. it was full of dog hair and coffee and chocolate stains with missing bits of the interior and a user direct for a totally distinct create and version of car. one evening they turned upwards while i was in bed to seize the car and i tripped getting outside of bed I'm disabled i twisted my foot which blew up and went black and blue. it still is now but Cray showed no break. luckily i was conscious inside progress that the yd behave enjoy this. eventually on Sunday nighttime i got a knock at my door at pm i was already in bed due to impairment. it was a neighbour warning me that the yd seen someone pull up to the hire car unlock it and place all the electric windows down inside a bloody rainstorm and subsequently drive off these guys are scam artists and hate it when you find them out and prevent them. threes hundreds of other customers inside the same scenario merely Google it. I have now got cameras focused on the car inside case they attempt and screw with me again.


    By Reeco Hayes 13 Jul 2016

    billed euros


    By Kyle Thoutt 24 May 2016

    its independence finance


    By Ron Breshears 30 May 2016

    missed call from this lot. thanks to those who took the trouble to post around this spoofed amount i shall be ready and waiting for them the next time.


    By Evan Mccaffrey 21 Feb 2016

    pornographic phishing potential Trojan attachment delete do not open


    By Anita Leafty 26 Jun 2016

    this amount called me and inquired me to complete a survey around train service but i understood later that its a spam not a train service. sadly i gave her my name profession and job. i trust nothing would be incorrect.

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