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By Francesca Paltera 30 Jan 2016

Hello this amount named me a lot of time. i have blocked this amount because i dint understand anyone inside Denmark.

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    By Larry Cardell 08 Jul 2016

    i keep becoming calls from this amount.


    By JORDAN MENZEL 21 Apr 2016

    they merely named me.


    By Virginia Saiz 26 Mar 2016

    i have been becoming calls from this number all parts of the day. when i attempted calling back it says this amount is not allocated when i did get a opportunity to answer there's no response and the individual or it hangs upward....


    By P Salcito 29 Jun 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Holly Douglas 13 May 2016

    debt collector


    By George Antonell 11 May 2016

    who is this calling me every minutes


    By Paola Chatard 17 Apr 2016

    when i replied nobody replied.


    By felicia gaona 07 May 2016

    said he was josh from the consumer service department. seemed odd that the call indicated that it was from Caldwell id. i dint understand or would company with anyone within Caldwell id. be cautious of this number.


    By Norma Baggett 10 Mar 2016

    i keep becoming calls from this amount.


    By Melanie Gwynn 30 Jun 2016

    had several calls per day over the previous three or four days. calls are from an Indian sounding guy and Indian sounding woman calling on from the electricity and petrol department when inquired section of which company they alternate between def and Scottish power. have told them every time they call I am not interested and to take this amount of their list. i only deal with companies direct. yet never listen and still insist on calling. why do individuals like this not understand they are just wasting their time. i have told them no and the more they remain i am still not going to do company with them. calls from a greater Manchester area code but i very considerably uncertainty they are even within this nation.

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