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By Cindy Gaydos 20 Jun 2016

As incorporated Ltd a ..co.Akbar company reg no BR est July BR manager Mathew cull um years younger alternative investments wine property amp Goldberg they would them all scams BR no accounts dowdily.com

By Benjamin Lamper 13 May 2016

Abusive text

By Mitch Dever 09 Apr 2016

A call from police station Sung Petain

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    By Wayne Kehrer 10 Jun 2016

    i got a call but cant recognize the express any longer


    By Dave Loudenback 12 Jul 2016

    it is one of those numbers allocated to Cambridge communications limited and leased outside to call centres. you may complain through the Cambridge web site page around their nuisance calls.


    By Jay Weezy 10 Mar 2016

    who and why is calling


    By Tony Patin 07 Mar 2016

    Weiss demand wen dies bummer greet Harte such sch on Arnulfo con


    By Howard Shelton sr 22 Jun 2016

    they said they were calling on behalf of prefer us amp inquired me if i was happy with my current plan and that they could help me to get better worth from my mobile strategy the marketer said the telephone call was being recorded and that it was are condition that i verify to them who i was by giving them my date of birth. if they really were select us they should already know this.


    By Lisa Delaro 23 Jun 2016

    left no message on machine.


    By Kenna Carlstedt 21 Apr 2016

    this amount is a reminder service for my physician inside Jacksonville fl.


    By Chris Titanic 15 May 2016

    this is a genuine blackguard amount. however when i text ed a response to it i got an immediate response were unable to match your details. please call us on . this amount is not a blackguard number. has the mobile amount been hijacked by fraudsters i am struggling to get my head near it. and no i didn't fall for it phoned the fraud department direct on a number i obtained from the blackguard website.


    By Julie Cornutt 10 Jun 2016

    i also got call from this


    By Colleen Luevano 14 Mar 2016

    its some sort of scam..........dint reply.

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