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By Cody Weston 28 Mar 2016

I keep receiving a call on my property line from a odd number . i actually need this caller to quit harassing me

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    By Imelda Devera 24 May 2016

    caller left message on vim saying IRS was calling and that i was going to be sued etc...didn't return call BC i know that its a scam


    By Malika Lemons 25 Jun 2016

    accident promise solicitors unsolicited sales call


    By Vanessa Stanley 04 Jul 2016

    merely called. did not leave a message. simply blocked them


    By Jessica Vela 21 May 2016

    please call back


    By C Teixeira 23 Jun 2016

    had a few of these messages sent after installing new amount card. have now opened avast anti theft. doing this seems to register the sum as genuine. am hoping this will conclude the dilemma which appears to be caused by an unrecognized by avast sum card when i upgraded. i presume if you use two or more amount cards you will log them as trusted by launching avast anti theft.BR BR a bit annoying to have been charged for a few texts but would be a amazing feature if someone nicked my phone avast emailed me the amount card amount and the location to within m


    By Nellie Stribling 12 Jan 2016

    they are not a telemarketer if you were selling a property they were probably trying to organize valuation time


    By Cesar Galarraga 02 Apr 2016

    no answer


    By Joanna Bartels 23 Apr 2016

    i did get a call from these guys also times a week..Mexico is


    By Joseph Abiesbrock 30 Jun 2016

    wanted to understand who owns this phone amount.


    By Peggy Sherrets 12 Apr 2016

    no notion who this idiot is ringing asking for me i said no and afterward he asked if i was a family member not the first time i have had the same response these calls need to cease we are registered with taps and are ex directory no uncertainty it's some sort of survey

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