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By Cody Weston 28 Mar 2016

I keep receiving a call on my property line from a odd number . i actually need this caller to quit harassing me

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    By James Tochihara 12 Jun 2016

    calls within early morning ..its....call back gives recorded message....may be annoyware


    By Terri Mullanix 19 May 2016

    they called me saying i never did my taxes n i owe . dollars n i have a warrant n all my accounts will b frozen


    By Megan Scunziano 18 Jun 2016

    unknown caller


    By Eric Cluckey 24 Apr 2016

    got calls


    By sandro sanchez 06 Mar 2016

    calls now and yesterday is this number ever going to quit luckily i dint response it but for someone who has a sickness this is a complete joke and invasion of seclusion.


    By Bernard Lavalley 22 Jan 2016

    have no idea who it is.


    By Deneen Digregoria 24 Jun 2016

    i also got from many times. i attempted to call back but cant reach the same.


    By Cathy Figueroa 06 Jul 2016

    BR will be from southern electrical SSE. energy providers


    By Yuenfung Chan 05 May 2016

    calls from between am and .pm today replied one and place phone straight down when foreign voice. ignored others but oh b was heard on caller message.


    By ARNESON KATHLEEN 29 Jun 2016

    unknown caller amount.BR unsolicited call to my little known unlisted private mobile number so likely to be a ran don computer dial led call only.BR no message lefter no hint of amount possession online.BR i suppose bogus sales rip off scam caller so have blocked.

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