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By Cookie 11 Jan 2017

Scammed my cousin of her life savings. $20k. Told her shevwon 8.4 million and a truck. Seniors beware of James and Evelyn in Elkton, MAD.

By D Mcgaughey 14 Apr 2016

Call from this no whilst driving so ignored. apparently car injury claims. now blocked.

By Viola Padrick 04 Apr 2016

Ho la

By Beatrice Burns 11 Feb 2016

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    By Brandon Love 26 May 2016

    exactly why dose this business keep calling my telephone and hanging up


    By Brittany Heller 02 Mar 2016



    By Walter Cooksey 19 May 2016

    i would like to know WHO's number it is. it is


    By David Baptista 16 May 2016

    recorded message claims to be searching for poi. press to claim to be removed


    By Thomas Michalchik 20 Jun 2016

    long narrative soberer BR my old phone was outside of contract and because i could get a better deal elsewhere i contacted define to see if you could improve on my existing contract.BR i spoke to i wont give names here who offered me a price plan with reduction. BR the bills arrived without the discounter i spoke to within customer attention centre who said she would get to call me back in hours. no calibre i then tried the email route BR first answer from who informed me there was no reference to the reduction.BR next answer from who told me they could only offer me months half cost line leasing.if you re still not joyful you may return the phone with the carton to the nearest define retail store.BR so i subsequently returned the telephone.BR next reply from i understand from your email that you aren't joyful with the discount offered and so you have returned the handset. a termination date was given for the contract.BR i subsequently requested the PAC by email and emailed to say that i would receive it in days.BR before this arrived i received a telephone call from who questioned exactly why i was leaving and then offered me the first cope again that had offered. i agreed to this on condition that i received confirmation within writing to prevent the previous scenario. he said he would get a letter outside the next day and a phone would be delivered again.BR no letter arrived so i rejected delivery of the telephone. a letter with PAC details did arrive.BR i subsequently phone again and spoke to . who assured me that the reduction was being used but i still desired confirmation. he told me that he would get to phone me within hours and perhaps send me an email which would have been okay. BR i received no phone call or email i attempted one more time and spoke to and explained the scenario and that i was about to go on holiday. she said the telephone could not be sent outside again until it had passed through the returns section. inside the meantime she would put me outside of duty back on the old contract.BR BR returning from holiday to find a letter thank you for revitalizing your contract with us. this appeared to place me on the contract i had initially rejected without discount BR i additionally received an invoice for delivery charge of . for the phone that i had not received.BR BR anyway i think that's all sorted out now and have shifted to another provider with my number ported. but think what the s have started


    By Diana Reinoso 21 Apr 2016

    keep becoming mobile telephone calls


    By Savannah Dyer 11 Feb 2016

    about lottery


    By Connie Litten 14 Mar 2016

    called unknown number


    By Chris Haugh 25 Mar 2016

    this is a company called amount group they are a group of incompetent idiots they use this amount to canvass poi and industrial harm they sell whisper calls all sorts of auto dial ling and they call numbers that are on the PR have no respect and are abusive they additionally use o.. you should call them on the free phone amount and tell them to remove your amount. they have just recently been fined for malpractice


    By Matthew Lannan 27 Jun 2016

    got a phone call from this number. the caller left no voice message.

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