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By Deborah Syms 04 Jul 2016

These are scumbags striving to gather a legislative act barred debt BR they prey on individuals who are unaware of the laws of this property attempting to scare you.BR they are rude prying obnoxious and a proper pest inside making dozens of calls morning midday and night.BR greatest advice is to report them to the FAA or if they remain the police.BR hope this helps at least a little

By Faith Manzano 08 Feb 2016

Did not response.

By Richard Duell 07 Feb 2016

This attempt to clan function from Tosca around new shop PPS must be con like the coupons one as they have simply cut the currant shop down as its losing money. so looks enjoy huge con again

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    By BRYAN KAUFFMAN 23 Apr 2016

    debt collector from Hmong Long bank...


    By Edward Yacos 30 May 2016

    crank caller two attempts and no message left


    By Sellina Mwekto 13 Apr 2016

    we have been receiving these calls daily. now the call began with a male who sounded as though he had an Indian accent stating his promise of being an IRS investigator but matters escalated fast to us being called mom followed immediately by sexual harassment. the caller inquired to talk to my wife stating he had a Jamaican d and he needed to f her. we informed the caller that this conversation was being recorded as it has been. the caller disconnected the call after he was advised that we had his phone number.


    By Vincenzo Ercole 19 May 2016

    i have call his number but i dint his mobile number owner


    By sandra davis 19 Apr 2016

    i dint know this amount but its keep calling me and hang up


    By Richard Gavina 07 Jul 2016

    same one this morning so still active wanting to understand number of extensions we had.BR BR they got our usual response


    By Tracey Meitzen 03 Jul 2016

    rang at . no message left


    By Tina townsend Townsend 29 Jan 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By Kimberly Brandy 09 Jan 2016

    tines Don Les persons aunt post lemur message dis ant quails Ont gang dies sous suite cert Apple snot ell es par hazard cell es quid Ont Apple Les particulars pour Les haler moi Jain re cu Les memes apples ET auxin Dix Na vol decliner lemur identity Mai's par cont re ills Ont PPS DE Ta's DE questions indiscreet...


    By james gear 16 Apr 2016

    exactly why are u calling me

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