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By Tony Picard 15 May 2016

Received a phone call. no message left.

By Dan Brinke 03 Mar 2016

Calling repeatedly

By Mark Decola 04 Feb 2016

Hi Jean. download true caller. it's free and you could block any.amount. i have just had the same call from this amount twice. it comes upwards as a was program amount. good luck

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    By Evelyn Del valle 25 May 2016

    hi I have had missed fa


    By Robert Sahr 12 Jul 2016

    really poor English language skills keep say you have an insurance rebate from loan i had taken out. when asked for the rd time with who owes me a rebate line went hushed and they hung up. they got frustrated by me asking which business owes me a rebate. i believe its a poi scam but they simply dint talk the language well enough to handle anything any dialog that's not on there script.


    By Perry Hender 25 Jun 2016

    tear off . for under minute beware when call it back


    By Kierra Craddock 18 Mar 2016

    no message left. don't understand who called me.


    By Trisa Everhart 08 Mar 2016

    dead number


    By Mary Scharles 27 Jun 2016

    same here. Pittsburgh area as well. simply received a call with no express mail.


    By Geneva Chambers 20 Apr 2016

    this is a genuine stander amount. a message was left on our answer machine from them for my husband. he works inside the Falklands so isn't house at present. i contacted him around the call he named the amount back place within the details as requested subsequently spoke to someone who told him that someone made an attempt to spend in five distinct transactions on his card. stander blocked these transactions didn't authorize them so no price to my husband. card cancelled and a new one on its way. thank god for standers security checks and their promptness inside contacting us as the transaction efforts were on .. and they called us on the . this is a authentic number so dint be stressed around calling it back.


    By Ayoko Agbenou 19 Jun 2016

    keep getting calls from this amount and they never say anything. driving me crazy


    By Michelle Kirkley 30 Jan 2016

    receiving many and repeated call from a amount demonstrating as . there is no response when call is replied.


    By Mary Fansher 07 Jan 2016

    named but left no message. i called the amount fusion cover insurance brokers. amount now blocked

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