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By BillG 05 May 2017

It was Alere Rx - checking on legit prescriptions

By Kerrie Bowes 24 Mar 2016

I simply got a call but nobody was at the other end

By Barbara Ademoura 24 Feb 2016

Calling repeatedly

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    By Kelly Ricken 18 Jun 2016

    please note BR any person or business posting defamatory comments and or fraudulent claims around myself or my business impact publications will be open to legal activity. BR BR


    By Isaac Chandler 12 Apr 2016

    crank callers asking if you been within injury tell them to jog on


    By Henry Roesemann 08 Apr 2016

    who rang


    By Jeffrey Wayton 13 May 2016

    missed call


    By Michelle Byall 04 May 2016



    By Emily Deickman 29 May 2016

    caller claimed to be from eon. said my meter amount did not match my address due to specialized problems. asked me to give them my meter amount. i presume they may subsequently attempt to assert i am shifting supplier to them. strong Asian accent and dreadful quality line. must attempt harder.


    By Cathy Berkenbush 25 Jun 2016

    answered from handset with no show. silence then cut off.BR checked on


    By Cindy Sweitzer 21 Jun 2016

    telemarketer Tanya Samar Ada memento lad credited may bank Dan clap Mencken insurance tankful ...tack dpt tango Apia DOA KP kebab telly Laud...DOA minutes ta Sagan no congealing....say Tue Bk Solon slum telemarketer ma rah Dan torus Leta telephone.


    By Bgr Ngfd 10 Jul 2016

    accident promise company


    By Anita c Smith 13 Jan 2016

    who owns this number

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