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By Lauren mick Williams 20 Jun 2016

Exactly why is calling me

By Holly Cotterell 19 Feb 2016

Dint recognize the number

By Braheny Anna 20 Jan 2016

I dint understand who it is and i need to know

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    By Jake Stephenson 08 Jul 2016



    By Roger sr. Kenerly 27 Mar 2016

    called me at am. i asked who was calling and they merely hung up. Atari these people need to be culled.


    By Joann Bracken 08 Apr 2016

    named a few times no message


    By Ann Rees 29 May 2016

    question regarding the sip international number. are they using just one amount in metro manila when calling applicants


    By careerpath.com 02 Jun 2016

    they call i reply and a computer voice says good bye. that's it.


    By Shirley Mischitelli 03 Feb 2016

    hello please help me to know who is calling me from this amount i have missed their calls times and when i calling them back no one responding.BR BR thank you.


    By Ericka Zamora 30 Mar 2016

    i was outside when this number named me. they didn't leave a message and i didn't call back as I am sure it wasn't a authentic number as it had one digit too many.


    By Lesley Register 07 Apr 2016

    this individual uses the above telephone amount and as soon as you say hello the phone is hung upward. i have now put a cease to it. the individual is spineless and gutless and loves to cause people distress.BR the above unknown caller has telephoned me around six times and put the phone down every time as soon as i talk.


    By Monique Noralus 24 Feb 2016

    northern emphasis phoned offering a dwelling security survey. claimed to have obtained info from national database. nearly certainly a scummier or sales lead generator as the info used was obtained illegally.


    By Janie Esters 09 Jun 2016

    there are so called texts on my telephone i have Mr number app it blocked it as suspected spam

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