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By Georges Rousseau 07 Jun 2016


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    By Latonya Evans 23 Apr 2016

    got a call on my cell.


    By jim hadley 26 Apr 2016

    i have had three missed calls on my cellular telephone today away the same amount and a letter saying closing demand away vanquish bank. BR i have just paid them yesterday and yet they still persist in asking for more cash away me.BR if i fail to answer my residence telephone or cellular telephone they call my work number BR i have asked them to please quit calling me at work as i cannot cope with the scenario whilst i am busy and could they get me at a more practical time but clearly nothing has registered in their head and continue to carry on. its now becoming a problem and a bit of a pest. i pay my bill monthly and still dint understand what there issue is.BR they say i owe more all the time but when i pay they say i have paid enough to keep me going till the following month.BR i dint understand exactly why they contradict them selves.BR i have been late once on my payment before and they make you feel like you have perpetrated a crime.BR BR wish i never bothered with them when i was a bit tide upward for cash they have just angry my scenario worse and i don't value being a prisoner in my own house when the phone rings wondering if i should pick it upwards or wait to press BR occasionally its easier to blow off the telephone altogether


    By Ray Storez 02 Apr 2016

    this number rang today but it was a hushed call from an unknown caller within Whitney oxford shire.


    By Billie Donnelly 12 Jul 2016

    they simply named me.


    By Vasquez Bryant 31 May 2016

    got two calls day


    By Belal Mourad 26 Apr 2016

    what happen u make trouble then u blame me .. what's this


    By Jeremy Grinwald 05 Apr 2016



    By Betty Malone 03 May 2016

    i keep becoming a call and would like to block them but they keep calling particularly at night


    By Gutte Mayr 09 Jul 2016

    called cell phone no MSG


    By Thris Decker 12 Feb 2016

    flight delay sales

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