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By Bob Tomlson 26 May 2016

Left no message

By Thomas Dean ii 10 May 2016

Keeps calling but does not leave message.

By Candice Rodgers 29 Feb 2016


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    By Bharat Purohit 06 Apr 2016

    needs to understand WHO's call me


    By Thea Westin 07 Apr 2016

    this number is a pain within the are.BR have now blocked it as i have a new telephone that really blocked these pests.BR taps is a waste of time as my telephone amount is logged with them and still i get unsolicited telephone calls.


    By RYAN MITCHELL 21 Jun 2016

    who is this number


    By Roger Schmitz 25 Feb 2016

    got a call from a Michael hall Briggs claiming to be a captain in the us shore guard divorced looking for a wife begging for cash claiming that he lost his wallet and military id and stating that his bank account is locked without his id and begging for military fees to get a replacement card. for everything you suggest to this guy to would to help his situation he has an excuse. he begs for food money overly claiming he is starving. and all the military fees that he begs for are so astronomical that everything he says is so unbelievable he cries and whines that no one believes him. i wonder why he says he is getting deployed to another location and cant accessibility his bank account to pay the military fees and afterward later says that now he has late charges to pay. he begs for you to send cash grams to Nigeria and when you inquire why he has some cockamamie excuse that Nigeria is where the us army payment center is located. he uses fake pics from the internet that are listed on scam websites and has some lame excuse when you show them to him. he shows pics that are assumed to be him in Washington dc within degree weather but the pic is at the beach with the sun shining palm trees and people sunbathing on the shore i didn't believe that dc was on the ocean and he begs for all of your private information overly. fully unbelievable


    By Robert Sawick 09 Apr 2016

    this number keeps calling.


    By sharon cyrus 06 Mar 2016

    rang simply now cold call no one was there.


    By THOMAS O YOUNGJOHN 08 Jul 2016

    missed the call


    By Wiley Mayo 27 Mar 2016

    the is the place code for Germany but i dint know anyone inside Germany will anyone help


    By Taveida Ricks 23 Mar 2016

    they re running a peons scheme where well see some early investors becoming some unbelievable returns which will subsequently disappear for everyone after the operators take the cream off the top amp empty the remainder of the carton to fund their luxury homes cars yachts and lifestyles. readers you have been warned


    By C Bausch 06 Feb 2016

    i got calls from this amount but never a message.

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