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By Laurie Yardumian 20 Mar 2016

These people have called times a day for several days. the message on the recorder is i looking for Paul. if you are Paul press if you are not Paul press .

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    By Antonia Marzulli 30 May 2016

    a recorded message got as far as listing banks before i hung upward. this will be a poi merchant.


    By Julie Nauseef 02 Jul 2016

    named this morning.


    By Jo Graschberger 03 Mar 2016

    no message left by this unknown number


    By Irene Lindvall 14 Apr 2016

    does anybody else becoming calls from this telephone number


    By Mary jane Petrunich 16 Jun 2016

    left no message


    By Havard Whiles 27 May 2016

    named and hung up with no message.


    By Norm Pieschalski 06 Apr 2016

    here is what apex equities Arab a ..com apex equities investment fraud.HTML


    By Linda Kilkenny 12 Jul 2016

    this guy was or perhaps still is on match. com. he tells me that he is an engineer widower and one son. he was going to build a gas station inside koala lumpier as he was a contractor for a Malaysian oil company. due to deficiency of cash he did not finished the occupation so the company pressed charge against him place within penitentiary now he is been deported and needs to have his passport certified as he has to pay the airport authorities before he is capable to leave Malaysia for great what a scam he named me at within the morning Malaysia time telling me i adore you. he named me again and i could hear noises on the foundation of people laughing please watch outside for this criminal BR he tells me that he has a house within Utah but i discovered yesterday that his email address was originated from Quincy Washington state. really poor grammar too he claims he studied inside UK peculiar accent he sounds enjoy a black man


    By Nicole Veasey 11 Jul 2016

    who owns this phone number


    By Aaron Ibass 20 Mar 2016

    had call from this number answered no one there then they hung up

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