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By Laurie Yardumian 20 Mar 2016

These people have called times a day for several days. the message on the recorder is i looking for Paul. if you are Paul press if you are not Paul press .

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    By She Hunt 27 Mar 2016

    called me after i had applied via fish jobs. the woman staph sounded fine on the telephone and since id just been to another interview with some real morons inside another put i was hoping for some good news. after hunting near I've located the amount she rang from to be the same as reported here i feel a small unhappy to have been hoping for a decent job but now i feel its going to be a pile of dump I've been to the Jolson offices inside Newcastle before and got offered a occupation there from what I'm reading this is similar... all retards and commission based just after my experience of Jolson corp cobra i sent an anonymous letter to the editor of the chronicle. i actually just read how an undercover program had been made around cousins. BR BR dam I am still broke and only just avoiding being butt scuttled b the horrid folks that prey on us job hunters where are the real jobs


    By Kris Donay 13 Jun 2016

    who amount is this.


    By Dale Piller 29 Mar 2016

    said they had named me twice around lowering my credit card speed. i told them that i was on the do not call list and wanted to understand why they were calling. click. they hung upwards.


    By Bert Binz 03 Jun 2016

    caller claimed to be from the council subsequently talked about an accident reported from my amount.the guy was Asian he was unable to say which component of the council he worked for. when i asked where he had obtained the amount he rang offer definitely some type of scam


    By Aaron Peavler 05 Apr 2016

    got a call from this amount pretending to be from Australian border protection Canberra and talking around deportation. entire scam call.


    By Bridni Hunter 09 Jul 2016

    call from someone saying my energy company identified the right one had over charged me by and asked for bank details to be capable to refund it. fully bogus dint fall for it.


    By Christine Barrere 18 May 2016

    did not leave a message.


    By Gm Bissette 24 May 2016

    calling around poi...i told them it was all sorted i tried to be polite but inside the finish merely had to hang upward as they wouldn't stop talking.


    By Jesica Bromstad 12 Apr 2016

    called me on my cellular telephone amount.


    By Garyann Ozier 12 Apr 2016

    another number used by idiots who think it smart to truncate by one digit. finest to block if you will.

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