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By Reggie Walls 14 Jul 2016

This man calls me and asks for me by name i said to him you must be joking its in the morning then he hung up on me. do they not know that Adelaide is only minutes behind Sydney time......give me a break

By hector orendain 28 Apr 2016

I simply need understand who this number because its is important

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    By Charles Hennige 16 Apr 2016

    who is it


    By Lisa Dennie 02 Jun 2016

    caller desired me to confirm my address and got rather abusive when i refused.


    By Alan Rosskamm 08 Jul 2016

    would like to know who this telephone amount is. thy rang me i dint understand the amount.


    By Arkee Jordan 10 Apr 2016

    called me today. no message caller id says unassigned. blocked


    By Patricia Allbee 29 Mar 2016

    puzzled around your question mark. does it mean you dint understand if you had a call from that amount or that you couldn't be bothered to ask what you desired to know inside any case if you could create the attempt to put your query into Google the reply will be right at the top. exactly why place something on the newsgroup that you might so readily locate for yourself


    By Courtney Parchem 10 Apr 2016

    been becoming calls from this peculiar number as well. happy you guys sorted it outside. does it help ringing upwards the national heart foundation to remove your amount from their information base


    By Paola Parham 01 Jul 2016

    seems to be from a business with a name enjoy Harrison James contacting me about MI's sold fiscal payment plans this was from a in Hampshire region code but seem to be registered inside red ditch


    By Glenn Carucci 23 Jun 2016

    they called my mobile telephone.


    By Janis Jewett 08 Jul 2016

    who is this that rang me


    By Gina O dell 15 Feb 2016

    had a fake message on my laptop saying i have an disease my on my laptop. i shut the application ctr alt and Del.BR i then ran my anti virus applications within safe mode.BR before i closed the laptop down i made a note of the amount i was instructed to call .BR once i had cleaned my laptop and checked it was Fine i named the amount and a bloke from India named wait for it Alan said i had infection and he would repair it for me all i needed to can was give him access to my laptop online. i afterward inquired Alan if he would do me a favour he said yes of course to which i said would you please go your self with the rough end of a pineapple. funny but i got no answer from Alan

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