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By Travis Eppinger 25 Mar 2016

Kids playing

By Eric Schuepfer 05 Feb 2016

Called me on my mobile amount.

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    By Trent Charles 31 Mar 2016

    i believe this no is from massage company


    By Joann Jensen 26 Jun 2016

    i dint understand who this is and its bothering me


    By Gabrelle Coleman 27 Apr 2016

    southern water debt collectors parasites.BR southern water have beer attempting to get me to pay them bear that i dint even owe them.BR i had a meter fitted and have worked out that i owe them about now but they've trying to get big amounts of money outside of me that i didn't even owe since i became their customer they've now black listed my name unjustly so will be contacting c.a.b. and if need be then i will not give them another penny.BR will also be shifting mobile telephone amount which i could have done without doing.BR parasites.


    By Maurice Mazzei 21 May 2016

    i received filthy texts from this number


    By Tammie Ruiz 17 Mar 2016

    more from those nasty small folks who believe we might be daft enough to response their fake numbers. who cares what they need so long as we could see only digits they get dumped where the sunlight dint beam.


    By Brenna Neeland 07 Jul 2016

    called two times today. no message left.


    By Jason Cooling 31 May 2016

    i answered and the caller disconnected.


    By Tony Lombar 20 Apr 2016

    had a Sims from this load of what knots today this time around claiming the monthly charges that your bank may or may not charge.BR BR there's a tiny URL link inside the text that takes you to a promise form I've filled this inside with a group of lies and given my local authorities station as my current address.BR BR are these scampers ever going to run outside of ideals..


    By H Hardis 08 Apr 2016

    simply got a call from this number on my cell phone


    By Allan Campbell 12 Jul 2016

    hangs up when you answer

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