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By Williams Dalaungwa 22 May 2016

Its amazon deliveries

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    By Kristen Moya 02 May 2016

    nice call


    By Eddie Okyere-badu 09 Apr 2016

    only wondering who is calling


    By Chris Poor 20 Jun 2016

    got call from at least times a day will leave no voice mail. report it. go ogled it and many said telemarketers scam...they want u to call back or is using upwards express mail cell minutes of some sort.. San Diego


    By Eric Strozier 15 Jun 2016

    i got a calls in a row. was told it was an insurance estimate gave them a small info. afterward got transfer ed and hung upward on


    By nitha olander 02 Jul 2016

    called my cell phone and hung upward when i answered.


    By Michael Blitvich 16 Jun 2016

    repeated calls


    By Monique Murphy 10 Jun 2016

    i am Maryann


    By Isaac Toering 12 Apr 2016

    calls late night no b


    By Calvin Ahardy 09 Jun 2016

    only had a call from this amount. did not decide it upward but wondering who is might be from. anyone had this


    By Nicole Hamilton 01 Apr 2016

    this is the latest number that these crooks are using to call me. both my wife and i are becoming calls from these guys. when we do choose to reply there's a record saying that I'm paraphrasing there is a pending charge from your bank that's scheduled for wage garnishment within the next hours. please press to resolve this matter.BR most of the time it goes to a mailbox that is complete and then hangs upward on you. nevertheless my wife got through once and the responding crook said that there were checks outstanding that were written to Hancock fabrics from the summer of for and . my wife said that she had no proof that she ever wrote those checks and no proof that those checks bounced and in either case the alleged incidents took put years ago and she was going to pay. the responding crook afterward hung up.BR regrettably that did not cease the calls. nevertheless I've since found outside that the legislative act of limitations on a bad check is years inside California. we've no proof whether these checks were ever written and that is what these scam artists are counting on. they likely will want you to make payment to them right afterward and there around the phone.BR don't fall into their snare through ignorance. if you re becoming calls from these crooks locate out what the legislative act of limitations for bad checks is inside your state. subsequently if you would finish up speaking to among these crooks you ll be equipped with the knowledge that they cant do anything and let them understand that.

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