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By Leonardo Michelon 28 Apr 2016

This number keeps calling my telephone.

By Marshia Crook 02 Apr 2016


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    By Keoana Jones 28 Jun 2016

    Ni Astor.. Bill Tortuga so derange call Lear sure Bayer


    By Jon Armstrong 02 May 2016

    it happens to me as well....they were offering some job saying they're from modernity Dubai office is this any scam or what


    By Amy Shepherd 11 Feb 2016

    they need you to call back as lines have a service charge attached to them. dint call any amount back ever.


    By Philip Derrico 19 Apr 2016

    got a call from this amount. when he said survey i hung up. i am on the do not call register..BR purported to be a survey for Victorian i too am ill of being called by all these scams. certainly someone in power could do something around these annoyances


    By Edward Haushalter 01 Apr 2016

    we receive calls from this number rather normally i have blocked hundreds of numbers. they reply with hi this is Marie or hello this is Annie. or Lisa. they a guy with an Indian sounding express takes around. it's all an off coast scam and they lure the UN suspecting generally a retired man enjoy myself to the tune of millions of dollars. they're not Americans but try to create believe they're they are criminals and until congress addresses this trouble our hands are tied. if congress makes the telephone companies responsible it will end.


    By Peter Sorini 20 May 2016

    dint you know your own name or you dint want to answer because i would love to find new key piece


    By John Formella 16 Apr 2016

    calls me saying i made an online inquiry involving Citibank credit card which i never made


    By Bob Boker 03 Apr 2016

    its the office of Gina global welling options inside . its a health insurance com pay for global insurances


    By Atiya Pate 04 Jul 2016

    marketing call from great getaways. when i questioned who he was he said he was contacting Ci members for free weeks. i told him to go away he place the telephone down.


    By Claudia Diamond salvati 11 Jul 2016

    silent call no message on express email annoying

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