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By Eleanor Caluory 19 Jun 2016

Morals sch on AF Dem display perish bummer ... war Amer niche Z ha use.

By Al Bierschbach 18 Mar 2016

Hung upward on my answering machine.

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    By Chanelle Gleeson 14 Jun 2016

    this is a common scam and is really dangerous for you if you continue with the dialogue. basically an Indian guy will tell you he is from windows striving to sort out a applications problem. he will ask you to carry outside tests on your computer take around your bank accounts understand all your passwords and subsequently send a indicate which destroys your challenging drive. you have been warned. merely tell him to go forth and multiply.


    By Unike Roberson 18 Jun 2016

    rings at least once a day but no one on the other finish


    By Jen Karotkin 24 Jun 2016

    rang twice


    By Summer Demille 07 Jul 2016

    missed call


    By DANIELLE LEE 25 Jan 2016

    scummier Nicholas Rutherford number selling fake Scottish fold kittens wanting says he relocated to Douglas from Canterbury but slipped upward saying his old address as b hall mead close charlatanism Worcestershire Gil QED scummier beware


    By Austin Kight 29 May 2016

    scummier posting fake RV ads on grisliest.


    By Lyn Clements 29 Apr 2016

    quire saber Aquino pertinence Ester numeric


    By Toni Teahl 28 May 2016

    unclaimed prize Politburo BR BR BR eradicable BR file copy PO carton Ross on ye zebra BR dear miss xxxix Th Jan BR BR BR thank for completing an online survey. i Could support that it's been filled in correctly and is totally valid. as a result you have won a valuable prize if your id matches among around winning id numbers.BR BR all these prizes are available a car or cash cash Xian HUD prepared digital LDC TV or cash cash shopping vouchers or cash cash cash or cashmere BR BR the exceptional id amount for miss xxxix of postcode is Soc you amount was precisely allocated to you on rd January to find out if you've won a valuable prize and just what your entitlement is please contact us now see blob BR BR if you contact us and your unique id amount Soc matches you will locate outside which prize you have won you will additionally be given a digit promise code to write down on the form overleaf we will subsequently dispatch your prize to you as soon as possible BR BR BR BR yours sincerely contact details call BR or text red to BR or compose and enable disbar prize control BR BR clearly it's a scam as i have not filled inside any surveys recently but anyone could be mistaken if the little print was not read attentively dint respond to the letter by phoning or testing nevertheless send them a blank envelope with there address on it and they will have to pay postage however it does make me joyful that they're wasting there cash by sending letter es outside to us within the post certainly i am not going to respond as it is too great to be true and it's certainly still happening


    By Susan Federspiel 12 Apr 2016

    overly many calls from this number.


    By Park David 14 Jun 2016

    named me on my cellphone. no message left.

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