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By Eleanor Caluory 19 Jun 2016

Morals sch on AF Dem display perish bummer ... war Amer niche Z ha use.

By Al Bierschbach 18 Mar 2016

Hung upward on my answering machine.

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    By Emily Lohman 16 Jun 2016

    this merely happened to me. then i heard a click as if someone only took my picture. anyone understand what exactly is up


    By TORELL RICHARDS 09 Feb 2016

    telephone call


    By Geneva Stevens 07 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount. no express message left.


    By Charlene Scott 05 Jul 2016

    this seems to be a enormous scam. they will keep harassing you. please be very cautious and dint give them any money or credit voucher details within return for a promise of GB pounds for poi you never implemented for. many individuals have been victims. they will take your money and will vanish. they promise to be from ministry of justice but they're not


    By DAVID LAMBERTO 23 Jun 2016

    i have received two calls inside the space of minutes from this number alleging they are from windows and that there is a fault on my computer. told him there was noting incorrect with the computer and as my number is on the taps if he called again i would report him.


    By Constance A Williams 14 Jun 2016



    By chen hung wei 09 Mar 2016

    this is ditch green tree calling you when you are late on a payment even if you answer and talk with them they keep calling you all day and i think the more you answer and talk with them the more they call they're bordering on harassment with call the calls regular and somehow they got my cell phone amount and i told them to not call me on that number but they still would i am not telling you what to do but i do not reply when they call my cell telephone.


    By Dean Ellis 20 May 2016

    they keep calling my work number.


    By Orlando Griggs 12 Apr 2016

    this man inquired my son what grade he was in and what was his name.


    By ike goss 08 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number but ignored it as i know it might be a scam

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